Sunday, August 29, 2010

From the hospital... to recovering at home!

Oh my... we've been home from the hospital for two and a half weeks now... and it's been a little better every day... although I do wish this whole bicycle crash had never happened. C'est la vie. Here are pictures to share! In the meantime... I'm distracted by the Emmy's. :)

The new living room setup. What a lovely hospital bed!
Decorated back brace...
Cuddling with Kai in bed. :)
Get well cards... and the medicine schedule...
Cruisin' in the wheelchair in style...

That's it for now!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Holy Moly: Bicycle Crash

Wow. I'm too tired to fully blog about it, but I feel like it's crazy that I don't have anything posted yet about the fact that I messed myself up really, really, really bad nearly two weeks ago... spending 11 days in the hospital before finally coming home 2 days ago.

I was riding my road bike near the Waterfront on the East side, when I crashed into a giant cement support column for the I5 bridge. Ouch. Let's just say 6 breaks in my left femur, 7 broken ribs, 6 fractures in my back, 2 punctured lungs, and a broken clavicle later... I'm on my way to making a complete, albeit painful and slow-going, recovery. Here are a few pics... more details to follow later...

I got massive amounts of flowers... I think 23 bouquets in all... nurses and doctors said they'd never seen a patient get so many. I definitely felt the LOVE!
Loopy on painkillers, to say the least...
Mike displaying my lovely new back brace... will have to wear it for at least a month... First time leaving my hospital room in 9 days... a walk in the garden with Sarah and Mike...Okay, now back to resting for now... again more later!