Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh my goodness!

Uhhh... what a day! First off, let's preface that with what a night! I had a FABULOUS time with some of my bestest girlfriends. A planned night of Bhangra... and me still getting over being sick... meant we changed plans to something chill... so Kelly, Melissa, Julie, and Sarah... (and Zoey, Melissa's pug), all came over for dinner and wine at mi casa. Fun, fun, fun times ensued!

With my Sista! :)

Sarah "dog-whispering" to Zoey...

Breakin' out the Wii for the first time in months! Yay for drunken hula hooping!

See what I mean?

LOVE these girls!

And then the next morning... with a slight hangover/headache... reading Eclipse in bed, I decide to take three ibuprofen... as is routine after a night of wine...

Ugh. Okay, my lips started feeling really weird about a half hour after I took the ibuprofen... and then they started swelling, and swelling, and swelling .... in retropect, I really wish I'd taken a picture of that! Anyway, a check on Web MD and consultations with Mike and Kelly, (who crashed on our couch), led me to agree that we should go to urgent care or the ER or something. We saw something about allergies, mouth swelling, and throats swelling and cutting off air and people dying. Yea. Good call. I didn't swell too much more, but I totally would've gotten over it today and taken ibuprofen again later... and doc says it could've been much worse. Whew! Yea, and the cold I can't seem to kick.... bronchitis... so now I'm on a round of crazy antibiotics, benadryl, some other prescriptions to kick the allergy stuff, etc. What a day! Here's my lovely newest fashion accessory...After the E.R. Mike stopped by the farmer's market in our neighboorhod and we got these. Lovely! Also a couple of chocolate brownies.. yummmmm...

And after lots of nice phone calls... and laying around the house all day.... I feel much better and want to maybe watch a movie, eat a little ice cream and crash. Already called out from work for tomorrow... I just need to REST!

Love, love, love to everyone! :)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

NYC: Here We Come!!

Woot! That's right... Mike and I decided officially today we're headed to NYC! Neither of us has ever been there, we know we need a vacation, and so we decided to take a long weekend at the beginning of October and make it happen! We'll fly Jet Blue, (pretty decent little deals right now), and head in for a weekend of fun. Thursday through Sunday. I can't wait... and in honor of our newly planned trip... I picked up "Big Apple Red" nail polish at the grocery store earlier this evening, and painted me nails! :)

We're going to stay at The Ace Hotel, since brother-in-law extraordinaire runs The Ace here in Portland -- what better place to stay? Google tells me it's like a block away from the Empire State Building, so I'm thinkin' this is going to be pretty to central!

Speaking of central... my big thing I want to do on this trip? Take a long walk through Central Park. Really. That's it. Okay, maybe I'd like to walk around Times Square, too, and go up to the tippy-top of the Statue of Liberty, and eat a hot dog from a vendor, and go shopping at some awesome Flagship store, and hang out in the West Village, and see good, old friends, too. Yea... that all sounds pretty nice... and I'm open for more suggestions, too. See a Broadway play? Perhaps -- although, I'm not sure how into theater I am. I know, wanna-be English teacher. Doesn't like theater! I feel like our time could be spent better... eating out and shopping! Oooo... perhaps a sporting event?

Whatever we end up doing -- I'm STOKED to do it!

Now it's time for me to watch a little "Tudors" and get to bed early so I can continue to kick this damn cold!


Katery :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So. Freakin'. Cool.

Okay, so this guy rocks. Literally. He's 19 years old, a Portland native, and the new drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins. He's a music student in college, and now a member of one of the best 90s bands around. This is his audition tape he sent to Billy Corgan to get the gig. Sweet!

Man, I miss the Pumpkins. Why are they not as awesome as they were? I mean, how can you beat this?

In other news -- nothing much new. I think I have a cold. Feeling like poop... doing laundry then going to bed!

Wanted to share a couple of other things, too...

Meagan -- I took this picture of your birthday stuff before you came over. LOVED those flowers... and also saw some very similar thistle while we were hiking up to the top of Saddle Mountain!

About to list this little guy on Etsy. Shanna -- tell me if you ever freakin' get some jewelry... or else I'll just send more!
Flowers I picked up at the new Farmer's Market in Irvington. AWESOME! These beautiful Dahlias are from the seller's back yard. I freakin' love Oregon. I'm so happy, too, that we have a market in the 'hood now! Click here for more info!
Night night!


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Fun times camping at Nehalem Falls State Park, hiking up Saddle Mountain, and hitting Cannon Beach with Coyla and Mike! :) TG for 3 days weekends...

"Kenny" helping to set up the tent...

Action shot of Kai...

Coyla roasting a tofu weenie. 13 year old vegan here, people!

Hangin' at our camp site...

A leaf fell on Mike's head...

2 1/4 mile point up Saddle Mountain...
Look at the trail we hiked up and down behind Mike at the top of the mountain...

Kai... at the foggy peak...

At the top... what a hike!

I trekked out to one of the cliffs...

Coyla with the beautiful view behind her...

Congratulatory kiss for making it up!

Pelicans at Cannon Beach...

Sweet agate ring from shop at Cannon Beach...

That is all -- watching my current NetFlix obsession, "The Tudors" -- then going to BED!


P.S. I'll call ya soon Bre-child! Bad day today... will talk this week. Jen S. - can't wait to see ya next weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Check out this footage ABC had this morning. Is that guy for real?

Also -- turns out it was "aqua day" at work. Also missing -- Anna Song and another photog. :)


P.S. Happy Friday to me!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I feel like I never get to blog anymore. Oh yea, that's right -- because I DON'T! I'm so slammin' busy at work all day, it's all I can do to try to see friends and keep up on stuff I *have to do a night -- let alone random stuff I *want to do -- like blogging!

Things have been going well, though. I feel happier being back at work and being productive and on a normal schedule. I've still had mucho fun-o on the weekends... i.e. trips to Mt. Hood, hanging out with my husband, spending time with Coyla and friends, etc.

Tonight I had a fabulous happy hour with Erica and her pal Nicole, (and Mike, too), and last night... had fun with Meagan, a movie with Grandma, followed by Monday happy hour with Preston and Kelly. I guess it's not all so horrible after all. :) Anyway, just wanted to share some photos and love with what's been goin' on lately. Love to all my pals!!

Kai chillin' and Coyla texting at the beach...

My feet a la playa...

Posing by creek on Ramona Falls hike...

Cabin where we stayed with Dad and Tanya on Mt. Hood

Me punching Donald.. 'cause he deserved it ;)

Crackin' up with Meag at a BBQ a couple weeks ago...

Ramona Falls at Mt. Hood last weekend

Newly listed on Etsy tonite, BIATCH!

With Mike at the Falls on Hood

Melissa and I went to see The Wailers... FUN times. Yay for 2 girls, 2 bottles of wine!
Melissa... ASSED out after The Wailers concert at the zoo last week. She's gonna KILL me for posting that one... Mike took the picture!! Not me!

That's all for now!

Katery :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ingrid's Wedding

Wanted to share photos with family from Ingrid's wedding last weekend in Tigard! :)