Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So. Freakin'. Cool.

Okay, so this guy rocks. Literally. He's 19 years old, a Portland native, and the new drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins. He's a music student in college, and now a member of one of the best 90s bands around. This is his audition tape he sent to Billy Corgan to get the gig. Sweet!

Man, I miss the Pumpkins. Why are they not as awesome as they were? I mean, how can you beat this?

In other news -- nothing much new. I think I have a cold. Feeling like poop... doing laundry then going to bed!

Wanted to share a couple of other things, too...

Meagan -- I took this picture of your birthday stuff before you came over. LOVED those flowers... and also saw some very similar thistle while we were hiking up to the top of Saddle Mountain!

About to list this little guy on Etsy. Shanna -- tell me if you ever freakin' get some jewelry... or else I'll just send more!
Flowers I picked up at the new Farmer's Market in Irvington. AWESOME! These beautiful Dahlias are from the seller's back yard. I freakin' love Oregon. I'm so happy, too, that we have a market in the 'hood now! Click here for more info!
Night night!


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