Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Funk

Just listed on Etsy this morning are these daring earrings:
I took seven hematite rounds and tied them together with sterling silver, a funky pounded sterling headpin at the base, and a great sterling ear wire on top. They're a bit heavy but FUN and funky and perfect for someone who dares to wear a statement piece. Check out this new listing here: Lucky 7 Drip Earrings

In the meantime, I've been busy crankin' out jewelry. Last night I made quite a few pieces after a "restorative" trip to the mall. I cruised over to Lloyd Center to pick up a driver's manual for my newly-moved-to-Oregon Grandmother. I think she's pretty worried about taking a written driver's test, (as all new residents are required to do). We went over a few practice questions online last night and her answers were... questionable.

Anyway, while I was at the mall I found a super clearance shirt at Express and also decided I liked being out of the house... so grabbed some edamame and steamed dumplings in the food court... and decided to go see 17 Again in the mall theater. I'm a fan of the occasional movie by myself. This one was perfect for that, as I don't think I know anyone interested in seeing this movie. I wasn't particularly interested in it, but I was particularly interested in checking out Zac Efron. Sure, he's really, really, really pretty... so, there's that. But I also wanted to see if he could act, (I haven't seen the HS Musical movies or Hairspray, so I've never actually seen him act). Anyway, it was all right. Hard to tell in such a predictable, cheesy movie. But he was definitely hot. Shirtless scene right off the top. Nice. I also enjoyed the wooing of the older woman, Leslie Mann, who cracks me up. I loved her in Knocked Up. She kind of reminded me of... me.

Speaking of Knocked Up.... If you liked the movie as much as I did, funny out-takes are on YouTube: HERE

That's it for now. Doggie wants to go on a walk! Later!! :)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Inspiration

Good morning,

I got to wake up nice and early this morning to run down to the Pearl District to pick up my car before paid parking time started. I left it there last night after having a few beers and watching the game with girlfriends. The Blazers won!! So, we're still in the playoffs! Yay!

Anyway, as a result, I'm up and getting blogging, Etsy, etc. done a bit earlier today. I just listed a new item this morning: See it on Etsy HERE

Perfect for Spring, I'm finally making great use of these lovely turquoise chips my good friend Sarah brought home from Thailand last Fall. I combined those with rose quartz rounds and a beautiful carved rose quartz pendant I picked up a few weeks ago at my favorite rock spot in town, Ed's House of Gems. They've got a ton of beautiful beads and stones -- it's also where I pick up my Brazilian agate slices for these necklaces:

...And I got this beautiful quartz crystal piece that I'm using to hold business cards at street fairs and art shows!

If you're interested in checking out Ed's House of Gems on at 77th on Northeast Sandy, I highly recommend it. Here's their web site!

Today I'm off to take Grandma to a bridge game, hopefully hit the gym, (although four Hefeweizens last night are making me lazy today), do some laundry, make some jewelry, and hang with my hubby!

Happy Wednesday!

Katery :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

Ding ding! With all the warm weather happening lately, (yes, even the rain, too), I've been missing my bicycle. I stupidly didn't lock it up outside KGW last summer and within 15 minutes someone had snagged it, (damn the curse of 15th and Jeff).... so, I've been without my non-carbon-footprint-leaving wheels ever since. I almost bought a sweet road bike a few months ago, but seeing as how I'm unemployed, I decided against it. This summer will bring a bike... somehow, someway... hello Craig's List! Anyway, in the meantime, I've been scoping fabulous bikes on Etsy and thought I'd share. Here are a few of my faves!

This print, from an artist in Washington state, can be yours for just nine bucks! The artist uses a kind of photography called "through the viewfinder"... where the picture is taking through the viewfinder of one camera from another camera. Fun!

Check out this shop here: Scarlet Beautiful on Etsy

How about some threads to show your love for your two wheels? This great cotton unisex tee out of Denver is sure to please! I love the color!

Seriously? Decorate your thrown with this vinyl art... okay, it doesn't have to go on the toilet, but this is pretty funny.

Shop Heckfire on Etsy Here

Oh my gosh! CUTE wedding cards... know a friend who loves her or his bike? Then this is the perfect way to wish them well!

Check out these cards... and more at Paper Michelle's Etsy Shop

Feeling thirsty? Try opening your bottles with a piece of art! This great beer bottle opener hangs on your wall... it's functional and fun!

Head to this Northwest Shop on Etsy Here... RedBootsDesign

That last item goes perfectly well with a pair of Fat Tire beerings from Katery Designs! I'm pumpin' out more of these for upcoming street fairs, and I'm working on getting some Newcastle caps for a pal's custom request. :)
Up next I'm off to drop some earrings cards at "Here We Go Again"... then we're headed downtown to watch what could be the final Blazers playoff game of the year. Wish the team luck. GOOO Blazers! :)


Monday, April 27, 2009

Wrap Rings for Spring!

I haven't been making these rings much for a while, but I expect they'll start picking up as summer street fairs get going. These funky rings are quite the talking pieces, and I just listed these two on Etsy this morning:

These are both size 5, but I can create custom orders using various stones and metals. In fact, there are several wrap rings for sale right now at "What's Upstairs" on NW 23rd Ave in Portland. Many of my friends own these rings, and I do, too! :)

Today I'm planning to work on some more jewelry, make a few phone calls for Grandma, work out at the gym, and have a little sushi dinner with Mike and one of his friend's from work. Thursday evening will prove to be eventful, as my good friend Preston is holding a benefit for a climbing organization that benefits the Nepal region. He went on a six week climb there last year and now has a beautiful slide show for this benefit. It's on SE Hawthorne Thursday night at 6p.m. at the Bagdad Theater. Please attend if you're interested in climbing, Nepal, or helping others, (that should cover just about everyone I know). :)

Here's more info:
View Evite Invitation

Happy Monday!


Katery :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother's Day? No Problem!

Mother's Day is just two weeks away now... and I've got a Mother's Day sale going in my shop right now! If you're a UWIB member -- FREE SHIPPING... plus, after any purchase you make -- get a second item at 25% off. Get something for you... and for mom! :)

This is going to be the first Mother's Day for me without my mom. It's been a nasty year of firsts since Mom passed away last June. Luckily for me my Grandmother moved in across the street earlier this month... so I can celebrate with her. I'm trying to focus on Mother's Day through my Etsy shop and selling jewelry -- and not as a reminder that it's the first year without Mom.

So, this one's off to a depressing start... but really I wanted to write to highlight a couple of awesome items I've found on Etsy that look like great Mother's Day goodies to me! Of course, I'll start with my stuff -- it seems to me that Moms would love these:

Vintage Rose and Jade Ribbon Necklace

Sweet Riesling Glass Pearl Earrings

Aqua Quartz Teardrop Necklace (this one's available in lavendar, too!)
Check out my Etsy shop for more fabulous Mother's Day finds: Katery Designs on Etsy

Remember, I can create a ton of other custom items. Just tell me what colors and style your mama likes... and there are many possibilities! :)

Other fabulous finds on Etsy you might like (and these are ALL LOCAL to Portland!!)...

My Mom always loved lavendar products. This one's sure to please from the Anderson Soap Company in Portland... Lavender scented with lavender buds to help exfoliate. Ingredients include: coconut oil, shea butter, lavender buds and essential oil.

How about a handmade card for mom? This Etsy shop has sweet cards... all handmade with love in Portland!

CarriesCards on Etsy

Does mom like to write? Or know a mom-to-be? Try a beautiful handmade journal from Zibboon!

Zibboon on Etsy

Finally, what woman doesn't need a new purse? Or how about a new mom needing a new diaper bag? nJoyDesigns on Etsy has got you covered with cute clutches, darling diaper bags... and any other cute bag you could desire, too!

Enjoy all these lovely items... and don't forget, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th! I'm off to the airport to pick up a friend... then go catch the Blazers game. GOOOO RIP CITY! :)


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Items... New Store!

Hi All,
What a productive Saturday it's been... especially since I slept in pretty late. :) I ran over to NW 23rd and What's Upstairs to drop off a custom order, (by the way -- that store has some Spring items in I brought over there earlier this month). Then... I ran errands with Grandma, including a trip to pick up a consignment check at Here We Go Again on NE Broadway, (@ 24th-ish). While in there, I passed over some jewelry to sell at this fabulous location! So.... new store, new items! Check this place out -- great consignment stuff, good labels, nice employees -- and now they've got a bunch of Katery Designs "Juicy Fruit" earrings, gold necklaces, peacock feather earrings, and sparrow necklaces, just to name a few.

Here's their web site:

I also dropped off an order at Frock on NE Alberta between 14th and 15th. Look for new items in both lovely locations! ;)

Don't forget -- one-of-a-kind pieces are also available at Thea's Interiors Vintage Living in the Pearl District, Presents of Mind on SE Hawthorne, What's Upstairs on NW 23rd, and Belle Sirota in the Jantzen Beach shopping center.
In two weeks I'll also be spreading the jewelry love at the "Love Your Mama" craft fair at Gilbert Park Elementary School at 131st and SE Ramona. The fair will benefit the Gilbert Park SUN Community School program that provides free after school classes for at-risk kids.

Here are some items you'll be able to find there:

Like what you see? Don't miss the show!

Now, I'm off for a night of Bhangra dancing at the Fez. See ya! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beerings Are Here!! :)

Finally -- these earrings I've been wanting to make for the last year or so... came into fruition this afternoon courtesy of a little Earth Day inspiration... and my Dremel.

I raided my sister-in-law's bottle caps last weekend... and found these lovely little New Belgium Fat Tire caps, (one of my personal favorites -- so I guess I'll have to buy some and drink more). For all my Portland reader/friends -- save me your bottle caps so I can make more earrings! Remember -- keep those dents with the bottle opener to a minimum. That's tough for me to do. I've ruined quite a few perfectly lovely caps courtesy of a bottle opener.

For now I've got these, plus Widmer Hefeweizen caps, some Pacifico caps, and a few Sierra Nevada caps, (courtesy of Dad's visit). :) I'm not a big beer drinker at home... so keep me in mind! I know my friends love beer.... so I think a lot of hipster Portlanders will like these earrings, too!

I just listed this pair on Etsy. Here's that listing:


P.S. I sanitized these caps before creating these earrings... safety first! :)

Anyway, that's about it for today. I'm working on more jewelry this afternoon after a full morning of taking Grandma to the doctor, the grocery store, and Burlington Coat Factory for a Spring rain jacket. Believe it or not -- SHOCK -- I didn't buy anything... although there was a super cute green Calvin Klein rain jacket. Hey, being unemployed sucks... and I've got enough clothes, anyway.

Have a happy Thirsty Thursday! :)



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

I'm feeling a little green-inspired on this Earth Day evening. I live in what seems to be one of the greenest cities in the world! Portland is full of blissed-out bicycle-commuters, recycling renegades, compost connoisseurs, co-op opportunists, farmers' market flockers, and any other alliteration I could possibly think of. ;)

Of course, I recycle all my cardboard and paper bags I get from the store, (forget the plastic, thank you very much -- I still can't believe Portland hasn't banned those yet). But, like many people, I could do more! I used to ride my bike to work, until I forgot to lock it up outside KGW one evening and someone snagged it. In fact -- Mike and I walked down the street for dinner when we probably usually would've driven. That was more inspired, I think, by the fact that he needed to blow off steam than Earth Day... but still!

Anyway, I'm watching The Square Live @ 7 on the dub tonight... enjoying a post dinner glass of vino... and they just had a great little segment featuring some green gadgets. I'm especially a fan of the shower head that keeps just a drizzle coming down until the water warms up, (I tend to waste water while brushing my teeth waiting for the hot water to come down). Of course I can't find the link anywhere... ergh. Steph, help? :)

Okay, on to Etsy! There are so many cool up-cycled things I'm finding online! (I love that word by the way -- not recycling -- upcycling)! My favorite shop so far on the green front is this one: RETTOCAMME. This awesome shop not only upcycles things like bottlecaps and wine corks, but it benefits dance performances in Brooklyn, to boot! Sweet! Check out my faves below:

The most beautiful wine cork board I've seen!

Function and fun push pins courtesy of Blue Moon...
A sweet belt and tribute to Blue Point brewing..

I've been personally saving wine corks for months now -- but I think those will turn into trivets as gifts for friends -- not to go on Etsy. However, I've also been stocking up on some pretty bottlecaps that will soon be turned into "beerings"... stay tuned for those. I'm sure they won't be at any school benefits next month... but they will be at street fairs, my web site... and maybe even a couple local shops around Portland if people are diggin' them, (which should be the case, as I already talked about how we're in love with recycling in P-town).

Anyway, here are a couple of other hot finds from Etsy on this Earth Day:

A beautiful brooch made out of reclaimed cashmere sweaters...

An awesome clutch made of recycled silk... love this one!
Putting an old typewriter key to great use...

My personal favorite... recycled saris woven into a beautiful scarf. This is one of my favorite fabrics... I used to have scarf and a purse similar to this. I had no idea this kind of thing was on Etsy so I'm STOKED. If you're into it, too, here's this seller's link: TJTDesign. And wouldn't-cha know, she's from Eugene. Nice!!
Anyway, that's it for tonight. Happy Earth Day and cheers! :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Etsy Shop of the Week: FancifulForm

I don't remember how I stumbled upon this Etsy shop -- front page perhaps? However I found it, I love it and thought I should share! I feel like each piece is a work of art -- and everything is so affordable for the amount of work that is in each item! I don't know how this artist does it!

I love big flower rings -- but these really stand out from the vintage-y, cheap looking flowered jewelry I've seen around Portland. These rings rock! Just $16 each!!

I also love the color and design in other items in this shop... from little leaf earrings... to sweet lily sculptures... and lovely pendants.... this is art that's sure to get some serious attention!

I haven't made a purchase from FancifulForm yet -- but this shop's definitely in my favorites section... and it will end up in my purchased section soon enough!

Like what you see? Check out Fanciful Form on Etsy!

Please support fellow Etsy artists for Mother's Day -- and don't forget about my Mother's Day sale, too: FREE SHIPPING for UWIB members... and 25% off any second item when you buy one! This sale is on through Mother's Day, May 10th... so get to shopping! :)



P.S. Here are the latest activity pictures courtesy of Erica -- the only girl who ever seems to show up on my blog. I swear I have other friends, I swear! It's just that none of them are as good about remembering to bring a camera!!
Enjoying the sun @ Julie's place...

Later that night... before hitting balls on the driving range...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Hour

I did happy hour tonight, and I've been doing it a lot more since I got off graveyard about a year ago. I'm home now crashing... the four o'clock function did me in for the night, but it got me thinking about what a foreign concept happy hour was in college. I think that's perhaps because every hour was happy hour for my friends and I... at least Wednesday through Sunday. What easy times college life brought! No assisted-living searches for Dad, unpacking and moving Grandma, dealing with Mom's death. Geeze! I had it so easy!

Anyway, back in college had I done happy hour tonite I would've rallied for a night out and been up 'til 2, 3, 4 in the morning! Now I'm happy to be in my bed blogging and ready to catch up on an episode of America's Next Top Model online, (gotta love the trashy TV from time to time). In the meantime, since I'm thinking about happy hour... here's a list of my fave happy hour spots to entertain the local Portlanders. Check these out next time you're out for a warm weather evening!
1. 23Hoyt: A favorite happy hour of mine with lovely outdoor seating, cheap burgers, good drinks, and plenty of people watching to do at this modern French inspired restaurant!

2. Vindalho: A wonderful Indian restaurant where happy hour can be had at any time of day with a ton of reasonable dishes to share -- you can go to town for great food on a budget!

3. Doug Fir: A favorite on the east side. I'm not super in love with the food, (although the cheese fries are delish if you're looking for a heart attack on a plate). I do, however, love the Vodka Strawberry Lemonade the bartenders bust out here!

4. Tabla: My friend Meagan introduced me to Tabla, and I'm so glad she did! This Mediterranean restaurant has an awesome happy hour menu with a great selection of wine. I'm a particular fan of the giant ravioli with the poached egg inside. Sounds weird but it's awesome!!

5. Mint/820: A lovely spot with perhaps Portland's most famous cocktails, (thanks to the owner's fabulous mixology book). They've got awesome calamari and burgers... and an avocado cocktail that rocks!

6. McMenamin's Blue Moon: Any list of mine wouldn't be complete without a McMenamin's thrown in there. From Kennedy School to Edgefield to our neighborhood pub... I always seem to end up at Blue Moon on NW 21st. The tater tots, (I know, random), are to die for... and I'm a big fan of the Captain Neon Burger. Blue Moon is a perfect open air place to chill for happy hour, with a big fireplace in the winter and lovely outdoor seating all summer long. It's one of my faves and has been for a long time!

7. Thai Basil: I couldn't leave off a neighborhood joint! Thai Basil has a bar beneath the restaurant called the Basil Bar, where they have fabulous raspberry mojitos and awesome Thai appetizers to snack on. What's best about this place -- it's walking distance from my house! :)

The Basil Bar

Anyway, those are my lucky 7. Let me know if you've got a great happy hour to recommend! Summer's around the corner... and I'm excited to explore more great happy hours in Portland!! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shop of the Week: Paper Lady Invites

This week I'm pimpin' a fellow Portlander! Paper Lady Invites is a FUN Etsy shop run by Chelsey, a darling, blue-eyed blonde thing, recently married (like me)! As such, she gets, (as in understands), what a bride wants! Case in point -- these ADORABLE customizable paper crowns. These just scream bachelorette party/bridal shower to me... hey, why not even baby shower... I've got a couple of those coming up for girlfriends! These little pieces of art for your head are soo unique, fabulous, crafty, AFORDABLE and cheery -- I just had to feature her shop this week!

Love the poppies on this one...

Fit for a queen, I'd say!

The perfect word for a sweet crown...

The artist herself... showing off a potential new tattoo, (get it, get it!)...

Chelsey also has a fun blog that I like reading... check it out: Paper Lady Invites Blog Also, check out her Etsy shop here: Paper Lady on Etsy

Of course, Chelsey's shop isn't limited to crowns... she's got a great assortment of handmade cards that are super sweet. She does the art herself -- love that! :)

Everything in this great shop is affordable and for Portland readers -- it's LOCAL!

Girls -- keep this stuff in mind for the next shower/party you throw! I'm sure I'll be purchasing from her soon. :)

Happy Thursday!