Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Inspiration

Good morning,

I got to wake up nice and early this morning to run down to the Pearl District to pick up my car before paid parking time started. I left it there last night after having a few beers and watching the game with girlfriends. The Blazers won!! So, we're still in the playoffs! Yay!

Anyway, as a result, I'm up and getting blogging, Etsy, etc. done a bit earlier today. I just listed a new item this morning: See it on Etsy HERE

Perfect for Spring, I'm finally making great use of these lovely turquoise chips my good friend Sarah brought home from Thailand last Fall. I combined those with rose quartz rounds and a beautiful carved rose quartz pendant I picked up a few weeks ago at my favorite rock spot in town, Ed's House of Gems. They've got a ton of beautiful beads and stones -- it's also where I pick up my Brazilian agate slices for these necklaces:

...And I got this beautiful quartz crystal piece that I'm using to hold business cards at street fairs and art shows!

If you're interested in checking out Ed's House of Gems on at 77th on Northeast Sandy, I highly recommend it. Here's their web site!

Today I'm off to take Grandma to a bridge game, hopefully hit the gym, (although four Hefeweizens last night are making me lazy today), do some laundry, make some jewelry, and hang with my hubby!

Happy Wednesday!

Katery :)

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