Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Hour

I did happy hour tonight, and I've been doing it a lot more since I got off graveyard about a year ago. I'm home now crashing... the four o'clock function did me in for the night, but it got me thinking about what a foreign concept happy hour was in college. I think that's perhaps because every hour was happy hour for my friends and I... at least Wednesday through Sunday. What easy times college life brought! No assisted-living searches for Dad, unpacking and moving Grandma, dealing with Mom's death. Geeze! I had it so easy!

Anyway, back in college had I done happy hour tonite I would've rallied for a night out and been up 'til 2, 3, 4 in the morning! Now I'm happy to be in my bed blogging and ready to catch up on an episode of America's Next Top Model online, (gotta love the trashy TV from time to time). In the meantime, since I'm thinking about happy hour... here's a list of my fave happy hour spots to entertain the local Portlanders. Check these out next time you're out for a warm weather evening!
1. 23Hoyt: A favorite happy hour of mine with lovely outdoor seating, cheap burgers, good drinks, and plenty of people watching to do at this modern French inspired restaurant!

2. Vindalho: A wonderful Indian restaurant where happy hour can be had at any time of day with a ton of reasonable dishes to share -- you can go to town for great food on a budget!

3. Doug Fir: A favorite on the east side. I'm not super in love with the food, (although the cheese fries are delish if you're looking for a heart attack on a plate). I do, however, love the Vodka Strawberry Lemonade the bartenders bust out here!

4. Tabla: My friend Meagan introduced me to Tabla, and I'm so glad she did! This Mediterranean restaurant has an awesome happy hour menu with a great selection of wine. I'm a particular fan of the giant ravioli with the poached egg inside. Sounds weird but it's awesome!!

5. Mint/820: A lovely spot with perhaps Portland's most famous cocktails, (thanks to the owner's fabulous mixology book). They've got awesome calamari and burgers... and an avocado cocktail that rocks!

6. McMenamin's Blue Moon: Any list of mine wouldn't be complete without a McMenamin's thrown in there. From Kennedy School to Edgefield to our neighborhood pub... I always seem to end up at Blue Moon on NW 21st. The tater tots, (I know, random), are to die for... and I'm a big fan of the Captain Neon Burger. Blue Moon is a perfect open air place to chill for happy hour, with a big fireplace in the winter and lovely outdoor seating all summer long. It's one of my faves and has been for a long time!

7. Thai Basil: I couldn't leave off a neighborhood joint! Thai Basil has a bar beneath the restaurant called the Basil Bar, where they have fabulous raspberry mojitos and awesome Thai appetizers to snack on. What's best about this place -- it's walking distance from my house! :)

The Basil Bar

Anyway, those are my lucky 7. Let me know if you've got a great happy hour to recommend! Summer's around the corner... and I'm excited to explore more great happy hours in Portland!! :)

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