Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monster Madness!

"Coyla Monster" is the nickname my husband and I gave my little sister through "Big Brothers, Big Sisters". It sounds like her last name, Munson, and she is a little monster, so it's perfect. :) On Sunday Coyla and I had a blast at SkiBowl for media day. I love media events -- free stuff! We got to do all the rides -- i.e. the alpine slides, zip line, reverse bungee, and bungee for FREE! It was also the Monster's first time riding a ski lift. I do believe I'll have to drag her back up there again this winter for skiing/snowboarding. I didn't even know she's NEVER done that!

Here we are at my condo... after face painting in the 'hood for
the sidewalk sale action in Irvington.
Anyway, fun ensued on the mountain... pictures follow:

On the ski lift... headed up to the alpine slides...
Coyla finishing the slide... fun!

The bungee tower we both wussed out on...

After a fun afternoon on Mt. Hood, we were both pretty excited. But seeing as how I got to drive, Coyla got to take a nap on the way home. ;) I love to embarrass her!

That night I went to visit Grandma, who's now moved post-surgery to a skilled-nursing facility to continue recovering from her knee replacement operation. It's been a busy workweek already, too, but last night I got a massage from Sarah -- then went to dinner with her, and tonite I had a lovely bike ride with Meagan and had happy hour on NW 23rd before shopping for a late birthday present for my 21-year-old niece. 21!!!

That's it for now! :)


P.S. Just saw this online... and had to share. I've thought this guy was a badass since I was in junior high!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This be funny...

I love Alicia Silverstone... and Alanis Morisette is pretty cool, too.

I've been slammin' the days away at work... and tonite I finally hit the gym again. Woot! Now it's off to visit Grandma in the hospital, post knee surgery. :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday BBQ = FUN Times!

So, it was a crazy busy weekend, but it was also WAY fun! A birthday party at Julie and Donald's Friday night... after my first official day solo at KATU, followed by the super-sweet Mississippi Street Fair on Saturday, and a gem faire/movie date to see Bruno/dinner at Tabla with Julie and Donald on Sunday. A ton of picture-ness ensues!

There were so many great birthday shots I wanted to share that I
created a slideshow to cram 'em all in:

So, of course on Saturday I was exhausted from the fun party but got to wake up early and load up the car with my extremely helpful husband... to sell jewelry at the fair. We had an awful lot of fun people-watching and having friends stop by the booth. I also made the most $$ I've made at a street fair, so added bonus!

A shot of the packed street from the top of the fair...

Mike and I in the booth...
Kai in her special hiding spot...

Mike loves taking pictures when I'm bent over. Good Lord... but it's also a good shot of the booth setup with House of Six Cats Photography, too... ;)

Miss Kelly came for a little visit. Yay!

Street fair shot... the day was filled with great lemonade... and free lavendar some badass guy was handing out... to everyone!

I also forgot my damn mirror (again) so had girls try stuff on for a photo op... to show them what necklaces looked like on them. Hello "Clueless" throw back!

And the four o'clock producer at KPTV stopped by. This is our battle of the four o'clock producers shot. Nice. I'm totally about to kick her ass. ;)

So, now I'm exhausted! Today was another long day at work... followed by a pedicure with Grandma for her birthday... and dinner with Grandma and Julie at Stanford. Up next? BED!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blues, Birthday and Balloons

It's been another packed past few days. To wrap up a fun weekend, I headed down to the waterfront for a second time to enjoy the Blues Festival with Preston and Melissa. Great music, great food = fun times!

We caught an awesome show, (an act Melissa's seen before), Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Freakin' awesome! She was soooo great... I can't say enough wonderful things about her performance. I had to cut out a bit early... but I'm certain to buy a CD pretty soon.

Here's Sharon with a bunch of random women she pulled on stage to sing with her. :)

I also found a performance of hers on YouTube so I can share the love:

Of course Monday after work wasn't as fun as Sunday. Grandma called saying she was having chest pains... so a call to 911 and a night in the hospital later, and she's back at home, (actually over at my house now watching "The Duchess" with me.) She'll be okay, it seems, to make a long story short. Doctors released her from the hospital on my birthday... and I came home to a lovely surprise:

(Thanks to Erica, Cory and Mike... in addition to streamers and happy
birthday signs all *over* the freakin' condo)...

So, after all the hospital drama, I got to have a quiet dinner at my favorite neighborhood pub with some of my favorite people. Friday night -- standby for birthday BBQ at my sister-in-law's house. Yay! She's always a fabulous host, and I'm looking very much forward to it!

Work, of course, is crazy amounts of busy in the meantime. KATU is keeping me on my toes as I learn new systems left and right... and try to take the reigns on my 4pm newscast, too.

That's it for now! OH -- and the Mississippi Street Fair is this weekend, too! I'll be out with jewelry and House of Six Cats Photography, too, on North Mississippi between Failing and Beech Streets. Come see me there. It's the funnest street fair of the summer, I'd say!



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

Just wanted to write a quick little post on this July 5th, two days before my birthday... and obviously the day after the fourth! I started my new job at KATU on Wednesday and had a busy week, especially with a total internet meltdown for all of Fisher Communications on Friday. But that night I fully recovered with a romantic dinner with Mike at the Veritable Quandry and a trip to the Waterfront Blues Fest, both to celebrate the anniversary of our first date three years ago. Can you believe we're married now? Crazy!

Anyway, last night Mike and I had a fun fourth over at our friend Karen and Sean's house in Southeast. Joined by another KATU photog, Tim, we had good times, as you can see:

Kisses for the camera... look at that moon!

Fun with sparklers!

With my hubby...

More fun with sparklers! Look at Karen's mad posing capabilities!

Karen and I on kitchen clean-up :)

Sean randomly busting out his toys ;)

And another toy... he only fell twice, I swear!

Karen playing with "Mr. Edders"

And yes, of course, Kai was actually there for all this... but during fireworks she was hiding out inside... in the bathroom. Here's our little pooped Kai-errhea in the car on the way home. :)

That's it for now! Off to Blues Fest on the Waterfront for some Sunday evening fun.