Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Picture Time! :)

New Tattoo... love my Daddy... courtesy of Jerry at Atlas on N. Albina. <3 Yelle... fun French electro-pop!
...with the lead singer after the show... she was so cute!

At Coyla's Mom's wedding reception...
Love my 'lil sis!!
That's it for now. I'm reading Gone With the Wind. Off to read. Good night!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Designer Love: United Nude

I've discovered a pair of shoe designers who created the line United Nude. A former architect teamed up with an existing shoe designer to create the funky, obviously architecturally-influenced line. Some of my favorites:

Most practical fave...
Most in love with...
Most practical...
Best strappy sandal...
Favorite funky...
Prices range from $70 to $325, with some of my faves around the $170-$250 mark. So, yea they're a little spendy, but that green electro bootie just might be worth it come this Fall, (at least for me).

That's it for now!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Missoni to collaborate with Target for Fall collection!!

Color of the Moment: Blood Orange Bliss

I find myself being inspired to blog about certain colors that I'm into at certain times. During different seasons I'm randomly inpired by/drawn to certain colors, and right now the color I'm most into is blood orange. So, I think I'm starting a new blog category: color of the moment!

I think my current obsession with blood orange began when I spotted a former co-worker wearing this dress from H&M. I immediately wanted it, so went to the store and bought it, (since then a now-current co-worker bought the same one, and another wants it). :)
Today I wore this great sweater I picked up on sale at Anthropologie, (Kai and I this evening headed with Mike for dinner on the Rose and Thistle patio)...
Even last night I made salmon for dinner with blood orange puree...
And I'm currently enjoying these beautiful tulips on my desk. :)

This evening I thought I'd look around online and see what kind of blood orange fabulousness I could find. On Etsy this Blood Orange Jam looks absolutely delish...
...and I found and immediately bought these Real Blood Orange Earrings, (awesome, LOVE).

And when it comes to super cute dresses, these all do the trick...
the Parker Dress in Blood Orange... well as blood orange at Peter Som, Carolina Herrera, and Lela Rose.
And to finish it off, I'm trying not to really drink much right now, (perhaps a cocktail or glass of wine to celebrate cinco de drinko tomorrow), but this sounds amazing and will certainly be sampled this summer... Blood Orange Cocktail.

2-3 large blood oranges, juiced, about 1/3 cup juice

1 oz campari

Chilled sparkling wine – choose from prosecco, champagne, cava, brut, etc.

Optional garnish – blood orange peel or blood orange slice

So, that's it for tonight! Tomorrow night I'm looking forward to watching one of my badass, best friends, Carrie, get her ass kicked on Wipeout, whilst hanging out with Beth... girls' dinner on Friday, and I'm sure more fun to come this weekend. :)



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ooo la la! Met Gala Fashion!

One of the most fun nights to see celebs dress up is always the Met Gala, and the theme for this year's Costume Institute exhibit was "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty," in honor of the late British designer.

Check out a photo gallery of the gowns!

Some of my faves from last night...
Jennifer Hudson in Vera Wang
Blake Lively in Chanel
Taylor Swift in J. Mendel
Giselle in Alexander McQueen with Tom Brady
Eva Mendes
The new creative director for Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton, also design not just the wedding gown, but also the reception dress for newly-crowned Princess Kate Middleton.

That's it for now! Off to work! Hope everyone has a lovely, fashionable day. :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Etsy Featured Shop: Pinup Brenda

I've loved Brenda Dunn's pinup illustrations for years and was super excited to receive my own piece as a Christmas gift, (from Melissa and Preston).

Perhaps one reason why I love this random candid shot from a party at P and M's house a couple of years ago is that it kind of reminds me of a Brenda Dunn illustration!

One of my favorites is "Cloe"...
... and how could I not love "Kate"?

Brenda has a super sweet deal going on right now... a ton of 8.5x11 prints on sale as she switches to a new format... so I just bought myself an "Emily". Yay! Can't wait for her to come in the mail.

Some other favorites include "June"...

...and while my favorites are the close-up pinups, these girls are super cute, too!

Be sure to check out Pinup Brenda on Etsy, as she's always coming up with cute new pin-ups, and look for further updates on her new site Pinup Brenda!!


Spring Cleaning!

We've been taking it easy this weekend, relaxing and being productive with some Spring cleaning around the condo. I suppose I was inspired by how beautiful it is outside -- wanted to keep things nice and clean inside, as well. Look at the beautiful trees blooming in front of our condo... LOVE it!

I also decided to spruce up our back entrance after stopping by a nursery in Gresham while visiting Dad this afternoon. I'm going with a white theme this year and bought a hanging basket of pansies, as well as some impatiens, dahlias, snow flower, and petunias.

Mike unleashed a brush on Kai and got more fur off her than I've ever seen. Shedding season has most definitely arrived. Anyone thinking of getting a husky, look closely before committing!

On Saturday after work, Melissa and I went over to the Portland Farmer's Market at Portland State University. I haven't been to that market in years, since the Hollywood Farmer's Market and even a market right in my neighborhood opened up. I picked up some beautiful Spring asparagus, as well as some fresh salmon caught off the coast of Garibaldi, and some beautiful purple iris.

Tonight I made tasty buffalo burgers with asparagus for dinner...

... and last night salmon tacos with asparagus!

It's nearly 2 months 'til my 30th birthday, and I'm going to really try during that time to eat more meals at home and drink much less, (so long happy hour and good wine -- at least for now). Between starting the food blog and being hurt, (and not able to work out quite as much as normal), I've gained about 10 pounds since my crash. Since my super-skinny wedding weight, well, it's more like a gain of 20-25 pounds. Eeek! My skinny jeans definitely don't fit, so I'm aiming to get back into them and feel great for the big birthday!

So, more food blogging to come on Go Stick A Fork In It... luckily I've got a lot of pictures from meals out I haven't blogged about yet!

That's it for tonight.


P.S. Took Grandma to see 'Water for Elephants' yesterday. It was great!