Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

We've been taking it easy this weekend, relaxing and being productive with some Spring cleaning around the condo. I suppose I was inspired by how beautiful it is outside -- wanted to keep things nice and clean inside, as well. Look at the beautiful trees blooming in front of our condo... LOVE it!

I also decided to spruce up our back entrance after stopping by a nursery in Gresham while visiting Dad this afternoon. I'm going with a white theme this year and bought a hanging basket of pansies, as well as some impatiens, dahlias, snow flower, and petunias.

Mike unleashed a brush on Kai and got more fur off her than I've ever seen. Shedding season has most definitely arrived. Anyone thinking of getting a husky, look closely before committing!

On Saturday after work, Melissa and I went over to the Portland Farmer's Market at Portland State University. I haven't been to that market in years, since the Hollywood Farmer's Market and even a market right in my neighborhood opened up. I picked up some beautiful Spring asparagus, as well as some fresh salmon caught off the coast of Garibaldi, and some beautiful purple iris.

Tonight I made tasty buffalo burgers with asparagus for dinner...

... and last night salmon tacos with asparagus!

It's nearly 2 months 'til my 30th birthday, and I'm going to really try during that time to eat more meals at home and drink much less, (so long happy hour and good wine -- at least for now). Between starting the food blog and being hurt, (and not able to work out quite as much as normal), I've gained about 10 pounds since my crash. Since my super-skinny wedding weight, well, it's more like a gain of 20-25 pounds. Eeek! My skinny jeans definitely don't fit, so I'm aiming to get back into them and feel great for the big birthday!

So, more food blogging to come on Go Stick A Fork In It... luckily I've got a lot of pictures from meals out I haven't blogged about yet!

That's it for tonight.


P.S. Took Grandma to see 'Water for Elephants' yesterday. It was great!

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