Sunday, May 1, 2011

Etsy Featured Shop: Pinup Brenda

I've loved Brenda Dunn's pinup illustrations for years and was super excited to receive my own piece as a Christmas gift, (from Melissa and Preston).

Perhaps one reason why I love this random candid shot from a party at P and M's house a couple of years ago is that it kind of reminds me of a Brenda Dunn illustration!

One of my favorites is "Cloe"...
... and how could I not love "Kate"?

Brenda has a super sweet deal going on right now... a ton of 8.5x11 prints on sale as she switches to a new format... so I just bought myself an "Emily". Yay! Can't wait for her to come in the mail.

Some other favorites include "June"...

...and while my favorites are the close-up pinups, these girls are super cute, too!

Be sure to check out Pinup Brenda on Etsy, as she's always coming up with cute new pin-ups, and look for further updates on her new site Pinup Brenda!!


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