Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pics From My Phone...

I hate that I can't figure out how to post pictures from my phone straight to Facebook or my blog, but alas, I cannot do it! Instead, I set up my Yahoo! email so I can send pictures from my phone to that, download, then post them online. So... here are the pictures that have been hiding in my phone for a few months now!

Coyla getting a Henna tattoo at Saturday Market a few weeks ago...
The roses are blooming like crazy in our 'hood!
A beautiful end to the day on the waterfront... looking out over the marina...
before all this rain hit!

An interesting find on the top shelf at Safeway the other day.... Ramey winery in Healdsburg, California. Must visit someday! Was a pricey bottle.... :)

Oh, the sweet little Kai-errhea on the bed. What a naughty little dog!
That it for now. Hope everyone's having a lovely Thursday. Back to work... then a 4-day weekend. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work, work, work!

Just wanted to share really quickly... loving my new job... here's my cube... all decorated to the nines now...

And as I settle in here, Mike's settling into training for his new job as a financial adviser... Look at my hot husband in the suit! :)

And YUMMMMM... a little, (and I mean little, this thing is like 2 inches in diameter), dessert... a lemon tartlette from Whole Foods across the street. It's so wonderful working in the Pearl!

That's it for tonight.. almost time to go home!


Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...

I'm inspired by bicycles at the moment... I've been riding mine more, (and will ride even more once this never-ending rain outside gives it a rest). Last summer Mike got me a sweet road bike for my birthday, after a couple years of having a CraigsList-dumpster-special, (that got stolen downtown). I'm hoping this summer to invest in some clip-in shoes and pedals to help out for those longer rides. In the meantime, I'm finding the cutest stuff on Etsy that's perfect for bicycle-lovers!

Check out this adorable pink Vintage Schwinn Bicycle messenger bag from happy family. And HELLO... $20 bucks! What a steal...

How about this lovely card from TwoGuitars in Portland... a bike printed on vellum with a custom map and recycled paper. Sweet!

Perhaps a little tandem-biking is more your style? How bout this "Biking Is For Lovers" t-shirt from DarkCycleClothing in Florida. So cute!

Perhaps your love for biking should cross-over into hydration... These perfect bicycle glasses will do the trick. Love these Super Bike Party glasses from "Vital"! in Denver, Colorado.

And an adorable vintage bicycle photo from AliciaBock photography on Etsy.
I love this style of photo... and great colors!

So, that's a selection of some of the goods I've been finding on Etsy lately... Here are some of my favorite "bicycle-ish" things around the condo right now...

My sweet little metal bike that sits proudly in the bay window of our living room. I got it a couple of years ago at a cool little home store on NW23rd Ave. in Portland.
And some adorable vintage bicycle napkins... from Target, if you can believe it!
And, of course, my baby. Come to think of it... she needs a name. Thoughts? My fabulous birthday present from my wonderful husband last year. Gotta love that Gary Fisher. It's FAST!
Sorry if this one gets stuck in your head... I couldn't resist!!

And a few pictures from the last few days around P-town...

Ade, Brian and the girls... Mabel and Beatrice... came over for some strawberry shortcake while they were in town visiting from Reno. What a cute family!
Mike helping Mabel with her dessert...
To Julie and Donald's for an afternoon of Mexican food and cards...
Julie on the other end of a "Basil Smash" -- my favorite cocktail which I know now how to make, by the way... awesome! What a happy sista!
And who's scarier in this one... Chrissy... or me?
Me bustin' out the blow torch, making jewelry the other night... Donated some stuff for the silent auction at the annual fashion show at the Art Institute of Portland. June 5th... check it out!!
An amethyst ring for Shanna Honkomp. Thanks again for getting those supplies for me from the bead store in NYC!! I heart you!You inspired me to make this ring... and I like it... think I'll make more... :)
Well, that's it for tonight. This next weekend is Memorial Day, and we've got several adventures in store. Expect a fun post about the happenings later!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm loving this...

Check out this awesome Flickr album I found on an Etsy blog this evening... So cute! LOVE the colors...

And the Etsy article with similar finds on Etsy:

Beautiful! I love mixing orange and blues/turquoise colors. Our bedroom used to be orange and turquoise, until I changed it to reds, black and browns.

Some other great orange and turquoise finds on Etsy.... be sure to click on the links and check out these fabulous sellers!

The "Waverly" necklace by Rachelle D. from Texas. Beautiful!

And a fabulous set of handmade bowls in gorgeous colors from Lynn Cardwell Pottery...

A sweet and colorful eye mask for sweet dreams... from BibBon on Etsy.

A lovely handmade poppy pin from Wild Poppy Shoppe...

Adorable! A super-cute "BELLA" vintage-inspired apron... love the setup by Boojiboo in the background... hello KitchenAid mixer!

And, of course, gotta give out a little local love for this great Chandelier pillow in turquoise and orange from Pillow Palooza! So cute!

It's been another lovely, BBQ-filled weekend! On Friday we laid low with a couple of girlfriends and watched Secret Life of a London Call Girl from Netflix. Awesome. Saturday a bit of shopping, bike riding, and a BBQ at Saadia and Kip's place downtown, then an evening out with Preston and Melissa.

Saadia and I...

Erica and Chuck...

Mike and Kerry

Yummmmy watermelon kabobs...

Cuddling with Cody in P and M's hammock...

Today I went for a ride/brunch with Anita up in NoPo, then bowling and dinner with Dad in the afternoon, and Ade, Brian and their two daughters should be here any minute. Good times!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring On My Porch!

Yay... Spring has arrived, the weather's finally getting better in Portland, and I hit up my favorite garden spot, Portland Nursery on Southeast Stark Street over the weekend, and potted some beautiful flowers and plants! Yay!

The back porch now has white and red peonies, a fuchsia I got last year, (that I hope will bloom again... is it an annual?)... and some purple and black pansies.

And the front porch is now host to some a pair of basil plants, purple-blue morning glories, Dutch lavender, and an awesome periwinkle and white columbine plant! Yay!

I LOVE that Columbine! It reminds me of my childhood, growing up in Colorado, and of my tattoo on my foot that matches the one Shannon got with me in Portland a couple of summers ago. Here's the two of us last summer...

The photo we used for our tattoos...

And my tattoo as it appears now, (as I watch Glee tonight while I blog). :)

And as the Spring weather turns into Summer... that means it's BBQ time, too! Last weekend Mike and I house-and-dog-sat at Donald and Julie's house. We had a couple great barbecues, some yummy margaritas, and a great weekend in Milwaukie. :)

Toasting by the BBQ...
Me hangin' out with Chrissy... the "lap pit bull"...

P-town and Melissa... cute!

Anyway... that's it for now. Time to watch Glee... then GO TO BED!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Purple...

Happy May Day! What a great time of year... the flowers and trees are blooming outside, everyone's looking forward to summer, and the weather is all over the place. I heart springtime! I've also decided of late that I heart purple. I've never really liked the color, my disdain growing for it since high school. But I've come to really appreciate, even, gasp, *like* purple! I think some of that has to do with the fact that it reminds me of my mom now. Purple was her favorite color...

My parents bedroom in Nevada was painted purple, as was Mom's bathroom, she loved lavender, and her birthstone is amethyst, which she always wore and loved. I remember being in third grade and buying her a stone with amethyst crystals growing on it from a field trip I went on. Now I love amethyst, and it reminds me of her. Last week I made this faceted rounds amethyst and sterling necklace...

Anyway, this post is not meant to be depressing, it's meant to showcase my new found love for purple. Check out the sweet dress I picked up today at a boutique in my neighborhood, Sweet Jayne. Just $18 bucks. What a steal!! (And check out the new hair from this morning, *not such a deal). ;)
I've also been rockin' purple toes this last week...

And this cracked me up... I just found this picture from a couple of years ago... before a Pink Martini CD release concert downtown. I guess I was feelin' purple then, too, although this one's really more fuschia!

Anyway, I'm now inspired to check out some pretty purple goodies on Etsy, and I found some good stuff! I also found something unexpected and random... a purple pipe. Who knew they were selling pipes on Etsy? Okay... check out Ghetto Billy Glass if you're down with the ganja. Great, now I've got a posting about purple, pot, and my Mom. Weird.

And a sweet agate slice statement ring... Mmmmm... (wheels turning). Love it! Great work by Hawaiian Etsy artist Sweet Crafters.

And a fabulous find... the Brenda Clutch from PaperFlora. SO cute! I love the handmade felted flowers... a super sweet touch.

I love when I find local artists' work that I love... like this beautiful watercolor from PrintMakerJenn. So beautiful! I've always loved watercolors, and this makes that so easy to tell why...
Finally, sweet! An upcycled Purple Rain EP -- turned from record into a coaster set and a vinyl bowl. What a creative idea and a great listing from Nansattic527 on Etsy.

And with that, I would love to leave you with a little Prince.... however, I just found out he hasn't licensed any of his music to be available on YouTube... so nevermind! Happy weekend!