Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...

I'm inspired by bicycles at the moment... I've been riding mine more, (and will ride even more once this never-ending rain outside gives it a rest). Last summer Mike got me a sweet road bike for my birthday, after a couple years of having a CraigsList-dumpster-special, (that got stolen downtown). I'm hoping this summer to invest in some clip-in shoes and pedals to help out for those longer rides. In the meantime, I'm finding the cutest stuff on Etsy that's perfect for bicycle-lovers!

Check out this adorable pink Vintage Schwinn Bicycle messenger bag from happy family. And HELLO... $20 bucks! What a steal...

How about this lovely card from TwoGuitars in Portland... a bike printed on vellum with a custom map and recycled paper. Sweet!

Perhaps a little tandem-biking is more your style? How bout this "Biking Is For Lovers" t-shirt from DarkCycleClothing in Florida. So cute!

Perhaps your love for biking should cross-over into hydration... These perfect bicycle glasses will do the trick. Love these Super Bike Party glasses from "Vital"! in Denver, Colorado.

And an adorable vintage bicycle photo from AliciaBock photography on Etsy.
I love this style of photo... and great colors!

So, that's a selection of some of the goods I've been finding on Etsy lately... Here are some of my favorite "bicycle-ish" things around the condo right now...

My sweet little metal bike that sits proudly in the bay window of our living room. I got it a couple of years ago at a cool little home store on NW23rd Ave. in Portland.
And some adorable vintage bicycle napkins... from Target, if you can believe it!
And, of course, my baby. Come to think of it... she needs a name. Thoughts? My fabulous birthday present from my wonderful husband last year. Gotta love that Gary Fisher. It's FAST!
Sorry if this one gets stuck in your head... I couldn't resist!!

And a few pictures from the last few days around P-town...

Ade, Brian and the girls... Mabel and Beatrice... came over for some strawberry shortcake while they were in town visiting from Reno. What a cute family!
Mike helping Mabel with her dessert...
To Julie and Donald's for an afternoon of Mexican food and cards...
Julie on the other end of a "Basil Smash" -- my favorite cocktail which I know now how to make, by the way... awesome! What a happy sista!
And who's scarier in this one... Chrissy... or me?
Me bustin' out the blow torch, making jewelry the other night... Donated some stuff for the silent auction at the annual fashion show at the Art Institute of Portland. June 5th... check it out!!
An amethyst ring for Shanna Honkomp. Thanks again for getting those supplies for me from the bead store in NYC!! I heart you!You inspired me to make this ring... and I like it... think I'll make more... :)
Well, that's it for tonight. This next weekend is Memorial Day, and we've got several adventures in store. Expect a fun post about the happenings later!



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