Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Purple...

Happy May Day! What a great time of year... the flowers and trees are blooming outside, everyone's looking forward to summer, and the weather is all over the place. I heart springtime! I've also decided of late that I heart purple. I've never really liked the color, my disdain growing for it since high school. But I've come to really appreciate, even, gasp, *like* purple! I think some of that has to do with the fact that it reminds me of my mom now. Purple was her favorite color...

My parents bedroom in Nevada was painted purple, as was Mom's bathroom, she loved lavender, and her birthstone is amethyst, which she always wore and loved. I remember being in third grade and buying her a stone with amethyst crystals growing on it from a field trip I went on. Now I love amethyst, and it reminds me of her. Last week I made this faceted rounds amethyst and sterling necklace...

Anyway, this post is not meant to be depressing, it's meant to showcase my new found love for purple. Check out the sweet dress I picked up today at a boutique in my neighborhood, Sweet Jayne. Just $18 bucks. What a steal!! (And check out the new hair from this morning, *not such a deal). ;)
I've also been rockin' purple toes this last week...

And this cracked me up... I just found this picture from a couple of years ago... before a Pink Martini CD release concert downtown. I guess I was feelin' purple then, too, although this one's really more fuschia!

Anyway, I'm now inspired to check out some pretty purple goodies on Etsy, and I found some good stuff! I also found something unexpected and random... a purple pipe. Who knew they were selling pipes on Etsy? Okay... check out Ghetto Billy Glass if you're down with the ganja. Great, now I've got a posting about purple, pot, and my Mom. Weird.

And a sweet agate slice statement ring... Mmmmm... (wheels turning). Love it! Great work by Hawaiian Etsy artist Sweet Crafters.

And a fabulous find... the Brenda Clutch from PaperFlora. SO cute! I love the handmade felted flowers... a super sweet touch.

I love when I find local artists' work that I love... like this beautiful watercolor from PrintMakerJenn. So beautiful! I've always loved watercolors, and this makes that so easy to tell why...
Finally, sweet! An upcycled Purple Rain EP -- turned from record into a coaster set and a vinyl bowl. What a creative idea and a great listing from Nansattic527 on Etsy.

And with that, I would love to leave you with a little Prince.... however, I just found out he hasn't licensed any of his music to be available on YouTube... so nevermind! Happy weekend!


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