Monday, November 21, 2011

Preston Marries Melissa

It's after 3:30am on a Sunday morning... Here I sit with one of my best friends in the entire world. Neither of us can sleep -- and so we're writing his wedding ceremony together in the kitchen of the rented-condo Preston and Melissa have been living in for the last month before we all fly to Mexico for their wedding ceremony tomorrow morning. From there -- those crazy kids will be off on an adventure more grand than most of us ever dream of. The itinerary:

Sayulita, Mexico Roatan and Copan, Honduras Buenos Aires, Argentina Montevideo, Uruguay Valparaiso, Pichilemu, Santa Cruz, Santiago – Chile San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Playa del Carmen, Mexico Madrid, Gibraltar, Valencia, Barcelona – Spain Morocco Paris Rafz, Switzerland Dubrovnik, Croatia Vienna, Austria

I feel so blessed to be a part of Preston and Melissa's life. I've never seen my friend happier, and the one who makes him so happy became a sister and best friend to me, as well. How lucky we can be in life. Just wanted to share some fun moments with them...

Read more about Preston and Melissa's wedding and honeymoon here. :)
Love you guys. Vamos a Mexico, mis amigos!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feeling Green...

Loving green right now! I was inspired by this to be a witch this year for Halloween. Got the green makeup, hat, and some cute striped purple gloves today.

Made some cute green earrings tonight... more on those later.

Inspired enough by green to make this fun treasury, too!

That's it for now...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Color of the Moment: Giddy Over Goldenrod

Right now I'm loving GOLDENROD. This is in part due to my last post, (and that fabulous afghan bag)...

...and in part due to me LOVING the colors from my friend Saadia's wedding, (so beautifully put together):

Here are some of my favorite finds on Etsy:

Goldenrod Flora and Fowl Ceramic Plate Wall Clock No. 567 (8-1/4 inches)

Goldenrod handspun hand dyed art yarn thick and thin singles

Goldenrod ... 1 Pom

Alfred Hitchcock Silhouette Pillow on Goldenrod Fabric

Hand-Dyed Applique Necklace, (Portland local!)
Hand Dyed Applique Neck.Lace in Goldenrod

That's it for now!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I'm Loving: Anything Afghan!

I'm totally into these right now... found a few super cute afghan bags on Etsy. I'm especially loving this gray and yellow tote. It says it's a Summer Bag, but I think it'd be awesome for Fall, too!

NzLbags New - Summer Bag Afghan Crochet Bag, Handbag - Shoulder Bag Nr-0183

Crochet afghan handbag in red flowers, crochet bag, shoulder bag, purse

Not only are the bags cute, but they're making me want to learn how to bust out some afghans, too. Loving these, (and just bought this one on Etsy for $25 bucks)!
Beautiful Hand-Made Afghan

Dolly Granny Square Blanket Afghan CROCHET PATTERN PDF

Sale - PDF KNITTING PATTERN for Squares Patchwork Throw Afghan  Vintage

serendipity hand knit afghan or baby blanket

Yea, I know... there's a color trend there. :) All of this reminds me of Sia concerts, where she's got afghans all over the stage, (including covering the equipment). What a quirky, lovely girl!

That's it for tonight!


What I Wore: Tuesday Edition

Okay, so I'm going to keep rolling with this whole "What I Wore" thing for now. Tomorrow I get my stitches out, so today I wore jeans to keep them under cover.

Scarf: Import store on Hawthorne
Shirt: Fei @ Anthropologie
Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Corso Cuomo
Bracelets: handmade and J.Crew
I tried my hand for the first time at making jam, as well. Hope the sugarless strawberry freezer jam turns out okay! It was nice to have a little helper in Zoe.
Here's a link to the recipe I used at! Ingredients were simple: strawberries, white grape juice, pectin and honey. I'll let you know how it turns out!
And had a lovely meal last night, (and leftovers tonight), a delicious and easy salad of mixed spring greens, (spinach tonight), strawberries, blueberries, nectarines, heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese, pine nuts, balsamic fig dressing, and grilled shrimp. Mmmmmm!
And I started reading Atlas Shrugged tonight... got through about 50 pages, (just another 1,019 to go)!



Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspired... What I'm Wearing!

Still on disability leave from work... and today I'm planning on enjoying the sunshine and going to the park to lay down on a blanket and read. Here's what I'm wearing:

Fedora: Bonnet in the Pearl
Shirt: Nordstrom BP
Silk shorts: Express
Flip flops: Fred Meyer
Necklace: Saturday Market in Portland
Earrings: Tiffany's
Bracelets: J.Crew, and handmade friendship bracelets

I get my stitches out Wednesday... and hopefully can make it back to work sometime next week.


Missoni for Target

What I'm currently excited about? The Missoni for Target Collection! Last year, I loved the Liberty of London collection so much... and this year I'm looking forward to Missoni's affordable goods-- to be released on September 13th in stores and online.

View the entire collection here: Missoni for Target Collection.

Some of my faves...
(Love this hoodie)...
Both poncho and dress are super cute...
I'm a sucker for flats!!

Perfect for Portland!
Love the vibrant colors of these scarves...
I've been wanting to stock up on some plastic dishes lately... perfect!
I'm really into the tribal print style right now... so this Missoni collection is something I'm very much looking forward to!

That's it for now.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't feel like writing...

But I do feel like posting pictures! :) I had surgery last week to take the metal out of my leg... so, now I'm on the mend and have lots of time to play on the computer and on the blog. :)

Before my surgery I had lots of fun! Mike and I took Coyla to Cannon Beach...

And Susie, a co-worker, and some friends took out the family boat for the day. So fun!

Mike and I attended Kelly and Brenden's Portland wedding party... well as one for Kirsten and Ollie!

So many fun times recently... now time to rest and heal!


Long time, no post!

Some more dirty-thirty pics!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Dirty 30

So, I turned 30 yesterday. It was quite possibly and most likely the best birthday I ever had.

I think it beat 21 when I was wasted at Warped Tour and then sung to at a piano bar in Reno.

I'm pretty sure it topped my 7th birthday at Disneyland... turning 7 on 7.7.87, bitches.

I guess it even topped the year McKay woke me up with a drink and a song and we partied together in Ashland.

It wasn't as fun because I had to work... but what was awesome about work was that while Melissa took me out to a lovely lunch at Andina, one Miss Erica Heartquist snuck into the college and decorated my desk in diamond and Tiffany-blue colored photos, (even a pretty Tiffany's necklace). Such a SWEET thing to do!

Lunch @ Andina

Mike also surprised me at work with beautiful flowers from our favorite neighborhood shop, Broadway Floral. So pretty! Note the green shirt, (also a birthday present), from Anthropologie. Annnnnd... the fork/knife/spoon necklace, (that you can't really see here)... a gift from Scott and Alyssa. LOVE!

We topped the night off with a surprise dinner at favorite Tabla... Melissa, Preston, Mike, Erica, Julie, Donald and I in the private room in back with a 4 course meal. Yum!!

All-in-all, a WONDERFUL birthday... and most definitely the best I've had yet. Thank you awesome, awesome, awesome friends and family for making it so special. I feel so loved.