Monday, November 1, 2010

Cupcakes make me happy!

Yummmm... after seeing so much candy everywhere for Halloween, I'm craving sugar. So, rather than eating it, I'm getting my sugar fix on Etsy. Cupcakes for everyone!!

Check out this awesome little cupcake-bearing ninja.
I don't think he serves any other purpose but to be extremely cute. I love!
These letterpress cards are done so well.... Cute!
Oh my goodness. Who doesn't NEED a cupcake ukelele? This awesome shop doesn't just have cupcake stringed instruments, but a range of foods and fun things. So creative!
Such a sweet little pincushion. Love this one!
And so, I realize it's November 1st. That means exactly 3 months since I crashed my bike. My recovery is moving along. I've been back at work, working up to full-time for the past month now. Last week I had a couple of eight hour days, but I also started physical therapy. That was great last week; however, over the weekend I've been getting more and more sore... to the point that I can't even walk today. Mmmm... I think it's time for a phone call to see what's going on. Ouch!

Anyway, I also had a doctor appointment last week, and got new ex-rays showing the femur fracture in my left leg and how it's healing. It's crazy to think about all this metal being in my leg... a large plate down the side and 13 screws. Eeek. Best not to think about it, I suppose...

So, due to all this healing, we had a really mellow Halloween. My brother and his new girlfriend were in town to visit Dad, so we showed them around a little. Otherwise, skipped out on Halloween parties Saturday, and we just stayed home and watched scary movies last night. One group of trick-or-treaters came to the door... so those kids scored a boat-load of candy. I guess I'll save that cute flapper costume I got for this year... for next year!

That's it for now. Happy November 1st!