Saturday, February 19, 2011

Updation Station :)

I realized tonight it's been a while since I blogged... so figured I'd upload some recent pics. I'm headed off to San Diego this week for work; laying low this weekend in the meantime. Enjoy!

Rameys Unite! Mike's 32 birthday @ Spirit of 77.

Kai being the cutest Roo that ever roo'd...
Perdy flowers from Trader Joe's...

And while I'm at it, I thought I'd load up some pictures from my cell phone... some of these are pretty old and all have a story behind them! :)

Geeze... this one's really old... from a couple of summers ago when Melissa and I saw The Wailers at The Oregon Zoo. Oh my -- we got so trashed that night. Good times!
My favorite drink. Thanks, Donald, for teaching me how to make a Gin Basil Smash. Perfect for the summer... but I enjoy it year round! Directions can be found HERE!
Mike and I ordered an exorbitant amount of sushi one night last summer...
sooo tasty at Sinju in the Pearl.
This is what happened to our Director of Admissions' desk after he went on vacation during the holidays. What a mess! I'm so glad nobody attacked my desk after my bike crash. :) You should've seen this guy's phone... it was completely wrapped up in clear packaging tape! (And for the record.. I had *no* part in this)!
One night a few months ago I was feeling particularly emo, and this sweet little kitten showed up at the back door as I came home from work. Mike was out late that night, so this sweet little kitten and I cuddled on the couch, as I cried my eyes out watching City of Angels. The kitty has not been seen since!
A beautiful little macaroon from Melissa's mom in New Orleans. Can you see the glitter on this thing? Almost too pretty to eat... but too tasty to pass up!
Finally, the beautiful lilies and orchids Michael brought over to work on Valentine's Day. They're still blooming like crazy and smell amazing!!

That's all for tonight!