Friday, April 29, 2011

Versatility? Yes, please!

Okay, I know it's not exactly boot season anymore, but I've been thinking lately about the versatility of my favorite brown riding boots. I bought them online in the Fall, (one big thing I had to look forward to after crashing my bike was picking out the perfect boots for boot season). I wasn't even sure about them when they first came in the mail from DSW, but it turns out I LOVE them and could wear them practically every day!
In fact, I did something I don't normally do -- and this week wore them 3 DAYS IN A ROW. This is not normal for me, so I figured I'd document the occasion... plus, I wanted to show off just how great they go with so many different things!

Tuesday: dress from White House Black Market
and sweater Julie gave me from her trip to France...
Wednesday: scarf from H&M, sweater from Ann Taylor,
tank top from Old Navy, skirt from J.Crew
Thursday... tunic dress from Free Flight Clothing on Etsy, cardigan from Banana Republic,
and leggings from Victoria's Secret
These boots were also part of a recent post about that awesome
$34.50 Old Navy floral dress...
here pictured with a military jacket from Nordstrom,
and more leggings from Victoria's Secret... they just go with everything!

My fabulous boots aren't available at DSW anymore, but I looked around online to find some other brown riding boots in a wide range of prices... check 'em out below:

And a couple of links that Flash wouldn't let me save the picture...

So, that's it for tonight. Geeze, it's nearly midnight and I get to go to work at 8:30am for an Open House at The Art Institute. Yay!

That means bedtime for me.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Too tired to write...

...but wanted to update and share recent pictures! :)

Went to see Raphael Saadiq a couple of weeks ago with P and M. So much fun!
Awesome show! Love his music... check this to get a taste...

And a yummy girls' brunch at Screen Door restaurant in Portland...
you know a blog on Go Stick A Fork In It will follow from this!
Look at these cuties and their matching scarves...
Finally, this last weekend we spent the holiday at my Uncle's house in Sunriver!
Great times with Preston and Melissa. :)
Check out Mike's awesome photo-bomb!
So, that's it for tonight. Go Blazers!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seriously? It's still freakin' raining??

You know, normally I love, scratch that, don't mind the rainy season at all. I like listening to the rain while I go to sleep at night, and I love having an excuse to be inside and enjoy a lazy day curled up at home. I do, however, have a problem with the rain when it doesn't stop for days, and it's super gray across the whole sky, no puffy clouds and no sun breaks. So, needless to say, I feel the last couple of days have been pretty crappy weather-wise. Fortunately, I've found lots of fun activities indoors to keep me entertained...

Today was a super fun day, after working 12 of the last 14 days, Melissa and I took the day off work and headed out to soggy wine country for a day of tastings. We hit up Eyrie Vineyards, (home of the first pinot noir in the Willamette Valley), Panther Creek Cellars, and Daedalus Cellars in the Dundee-McMinnville area. Kai came along for the ride, too...

Then Mike and I headed out for Karen's birthday celebrations, dinner and bowling!
Gooooood times ensued...

Sweet action shot of the birthday girl that I'm especially proud of...

Tomorrow it's girls' dinner then the first Blazers playoff game! Woot! GO BLAZERS!!!

Another recent event was Smash Putt, (last weekend). It's only in P-town for another couple of weeks, so go check it out!! Of course I forgot my camera for that one... bummer.

So, that's it for tonight... sleepy-time!


Monday, April 4, 2011

$34.50 What?

I found the cutest little dress at Old Navy this weekend... apparently a few celebrities found it, too. Do these girls have the same stylist or what? That's Carmen Electra, Louise Roe, Joanna Krupa and LaLa Vazquez all donning the same sweet little number.

Check out the Women's Ruffled Chiffon Sundress on the store web site.

I wore my dress today with a military-inspired jacket from Nordstrom, leggings from Victoria's Secret, and my favorite winter boot purchase, these great riding boots from DSW. What a fun dress to wear with layers, or maybe with less layers as the weather warms up. (And what a naughty little dog on the couch with me. Look at those submissive ears). :)

So, that's really all I've got tonight. Just felt like blogging about my awesome, inexpensive dress, (P.S. it comes in black and a yellow floral print, too).


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Featured Etsy Shop: Xenotees!

I've recently made a couple of fabulous purchases from Pennsylvania-based Xenotees. All the adorable clothes are professionally screen-printed on a manual 6 color press.

I bought the succulent fork shirt below...

And bought a tasty green version for Melissa. :)


There are plenty of other sweet options for guys and girls... Like this Collective Names of Animals shirt featuring a "knot of toads", a "sleuth of bears", or a "business of giraffes".

Love this Nerval Lobster Tee, too. The French poet Gerard de Nerval would apparently walk his pet lobster with a ribbon. The leash is in French, translated "I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don't bark..."

All Xenotees are printed on high-quality American Apparel. So fun! Great for you or your friends. :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun, mellow weekend!

Just thought I'd share some pics from this much more low-key weekend compared to last. :) I got a new phone a week ago, and I've been having fun taking pictures of things and sharing them on Facebook. Time to blog, as well!

After a couple drinks for happy hour yesterday at Teardrop Lounge in the Pearl, Mike and I laid super low at home and watched The Big Lebowski, (thumbs down). At least the drinks were awesome! This "Spirit Lifter" certainly did the trick with amber rum, lemon, orange curacao, Trader Tiki's falernum, soda, and a Lillet Rouge float. Can't beat $5 for that!

This morning I went into work for a few hours before hitting Elena's baby shower at the MAC Club. "Scarftastic" as Melissa said. Mine's from Forever 21. :) A good find in San Diego.

While at the baby shower, I asked about where my former co-worker Melica got her super cute dress... so, a quick trip to H&M was made on the way home! Yes, I purchased the EXACT same dress, (what can I say? I loved it!)

Sure, it may be somewhat-exactly-the-same to the dress I picked up at H&M in New York a few seasons ago, but when something works, it keeps working in other colors, too! (That's me, strutting it in Brooklyn)...

Also found these super cute, chunky platforms at H&M...

But didn't buy them, as I picked these Miz Mooz up at Nordstrom recently! :)

I also decided to swing by J.Crew, (hey -- had to get my parking validated), and found these $135 ballet flats for $50, (score)... I've been needing a new pair of J.Crew black ballet flats. My patent leather ones have had some serious use!

Finally made it home to clean, (and had a little visit from Oberonski). He's the beautiful Flamepoint Siamese cat I adopted in college, who now lives with my neighbor upstairs, (Mike's super allergic).

This evening Coyla's staying over, (watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the couch beside me), and now it's time for me to go to bed! 'Night!