Friday, July 8, 2011

Dirty 30

So, I turned 30 yesterday. It was quite possibly and most likely the best birthday I ever had.

I think it beat 21 when I was wasted at Warped Tour and then sung to at a piano bar in Reno.

I'm pretty sure it topped my 7th birthday at Disneyland... turning 7 on 7.7.87, bitches.

I guess it even topped the year McKay woke me up with a drink and a song and we partied together in Ashland.

It wasn't as fun because I had to work... but what was awesome about work was that while Melissa took me out to a lovely lunch at Andina, one Miss Erica Heartquist snuck into the college and decorated my desk in diamond and Tiffany-blue colored photos, (even a pretty Tiffany's necklace). Such a SWEET thing to do!

Lunch @ Andina

Mike also surprised me at work with beautiful flowers from our favorite neighborhood shop, Broadway Floral. So pretty! Note the green shirt, (also a birthday present), from Anthropologie. Annnnnd... the fork/knife/spoon necklace, (that you can't really see here)... a gift from Scott and Alyssa. LOVE!

We topped the night off with a surprise dinner at favorite Tabla... Melissa, Preston, Mike, Erica, Julie, Donald and I in the private room in back with a 4 course meal. Yum!!

All-in-all, a WONDERFUL birthday... and most definitely the best I've had yet. Thank you awesome, awesome, awesome friends and family for making it so special. I feel so loved.


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