Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring On My Porch!

Yay... Spring has arrived, the weather's finally getting better in Portland, and I hit up my favorite garden spot, Portland Nursery on Southeast Stark Street over the weekend, and potted some beautiful flowers and plants! Yay!

The back porch now has white and red peonies, a fuchsia I got last year, (that I hope will bloom again... is it an annual?)... and some purple and black pansies.

And the front porch is now host to some a pair of basil plants, purple-blue morning glories, Dutch lavender, and an awesome periwinkle and white columbine plant! Yay!

I LOVE that Columbine! It reminds me of my childhood, growing up in Colorado, and of my tattoo on my foot that matches the one Shannon got with me in Portland a couple of summers ago. Here's the two of us last summer...

The photo we used for our tattoos...

And my tattoo as it appears now, (as I watch Glee tonight while I blog). :)

And as the Spring weather turns into Summer... that means it's BBQ time, too! Last weekend Mike and I house-and-dog-sat at Donald and Julie's house. We had a couple great barbecues, some yummy margaritas, and a great weekend in Milwaukie. :)

Toasting by the BBQ...
Me hangin' out with Chrissy... the "lap pit bull"...

P-town and Melissa... cute!

Anyway... that's it for now. Time to watch Glee... then GO TO BED!

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