Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

Just wanted to write a quick little post on this July 5th, two days before my birthday... and obviously the day after the fourth! I started my new job at KATU on Wednesday and had a busy week, especially with a total internet meltdown for all of Fisher Communications on Friday. But that night I fully recovered with a romantic dinner with Mike at the Veritable Quandry and a trip to the Waterfront Blues Fest, both to celebrate the anniversary of our first date three years ago. Can you believe we're married now? Crazy!

Anyway, last night Mike and I had a fun fourth over at our friend Karen and Sean's house in Southeast. Joined by another KATU photog, Tim, we had good times, as you can see:

Kisses for the camera... look at that moon!

Fun with sparklers!

With my hubby...

More fun with sparklers! Look at Karen's mad posing capabilities!

Karen and I on kitchen clean-up :)

Sean randomly busting out his toys ;)

And another toy... he only fell twice, I swear!

Karen playing with "Mr. Edders"

And yes, of course, Kai was actually there for all this... but during fireworks she was hiding out inside... in the bathroom. Here's our little pooped Kai-errhea in the car on the way home. :)

That's it for now! Off to Blues Fest on the Waterfront for some Sunday evening fun.


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