Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday BBQ = FUN Times!

So, it was a crazy busy weekend, but it was also WAY fun! A birthday party at Julie and Donald's Friday night... after my first official day solo at KATU, followed by the super-sweet Mississippi Street Fair on Saturday, and a gem faire/movie date to see Bruno/dinner at Tabla with Julie and Donald on Sunday. A ton of picture-ness ensues!

There were so many great birthday shots I wanted to share that I
created a slideshow to cram 'em all in:

So, of course on Saturday I was exhausted from the fun party but got to wake up early and load up the car with my extremely helpful husband... to sell jewelry at the fair. We had an awful lot of fun people-watching and having friends stop by the booth. I also made the most $$ I've made at a street fair, so added bonus!

A shot of the packed street from the top of the fair...

Mike and I in the booth...
Kai in her special hiding spot...

Mike loves taking pictures when I'm bent over. Good Lord... but it's also a good shot of the booth setup with House of Six Cats Photography, too... ;)

Miss Kelly came for a little visit. Yay!

Street fair shot... the day was filled with great lemonade... and free lavendar some badass guy was handing out... to everyone!

I also forgot my damn mirror (again) so had girls try stuff on for a photo op... to show them what necklaces looked like on them. Hello "Clueless" throw back!

And the four o'clock producer at KPTV stopped by. This is our battle of the four o'clock producers shot. Nice. I'm totally about to kick her ass. ;)

So, now I'm exhausted! Today was another long day at work... followed by a pedicure with Grandma for her birthday... and dinner with Grandma and Julie at Stanford. Up next? BED!


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