Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monster Madness!

"Coyla Monster" is the nickname my husband and I gave my little sister through "Big Brothers, Big Sisters". It sounds like her last name, Munson, and she is a little monster, so it's perfect. :) On Sunday Coyla and I had a blast at SkiBowl for media day. I love media events -- free stuff! We got to do all the rides -- i.e. the alpine slides, zip line, reverse bungee, and bungee for FREE! It was also the Monster's first time riding a ski lift. I do believe I'll have to drag her back up there again this winter for skiing/snowboarding. I didn't even know she's NEVER done that!

Here we are at my condo... after face painting in the 'hood for
the sidewalk sale action in Irvington.
Anyway, fun ensued on the mountain... pictures follow:

On the ski lift... headed up to the alpine slides...
Coyla finishing the slide... fun!

The bungee tower we both wussed out on...

After a fun afternoon on Mt. Hood, we were both pretty excited. But seeing as how I got to drive, Coyla got to take a nap on the way home. ;) I love to embarrass her!

That night I went to visit Grandma, who's now moved post-surgery to a skilled-nursing facility to continue recovering from her knee replacement operation. It's been a busy workweek already, too, but last night I got a massage from Sarah -- then went to dinner with her, and tonite I had a lovely bike ride with Meagan and had happy hour on NW 23rd before shopping for a late birthday present for my 21-year-old niece. 21!!!

That's it for now! :)


P.S. Just saw this online... and had to share. I've thought this guy was a badass since I was in junior high!

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