Monday, April 27, 2009

Wrap Rings for Spring!

I haven't been making these rings much for a while, but I expect they'll start picking up as summer street fairs get going. These funky rings are quite the talking pieces, and I just listed these two on Etsy this morning:

These are both size 5, but I can create custom orders using various stones and metals. In fact, there are several wrap rings for sale right now at "What's Upstairs" on NW 23rd Ave in Portland. Many of my friends own these rings, and I do, too! :)

Today I'm planning to work on some more jewelry, make a few phone calls for Grandma, work out at the gym, and have a little sushi dinner with Mike and one of his friend's from work. Thursday evening will prove to be eventful, as my good friend Preston is holding a benefit for a climbing organization that benefits the Nepal region. He went on a six week climb there last year and now has a beautiful slide show for this benefit. It's on SE Hawthorne Thursday night at 6p.m. at the Bagdad Theater. Please attend if you're interested in climbing, Nepal, or helping others, (that should cover just about everyone I know). :)

Here's more info:
View Evite Invitation

Happy Monday!


Katery :)

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