Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

I'm feeling a little green-inspired on this Earth Day evening. I live in what seems to be one of the greenest cities in the world! Portland is full of blissed-out bicycle-commuters, recycling renegades, compost connoisseurs, co-op opportunists, farmers' market flockers, and any other alliteration I could possibly think of. ;)

Of course, I recycle all my cardboard and paper bags I get from the store, (forget the plastic, thank you very much -- I still can't believe Portland hasn't banned those yet). But, like many people, I could do more! I used to ride my bike to work, until I forgot to lock it up outside KGW one evening and someone snagged it. In fact -- Mike and I walked down the street for dinner when we probably usually would've driven. That was more inspired, I think, by the fact that he needed to blow off steam than Earth Day... but still!

Anyway, I'm watching The Square Live @ 7 on the dub tonight... enjoying a post dinner glass of vino... and they just had a great little segment featuring some green gadgets. I'm especially a fan of the shower head that keeps just a drizzle coming down until the water warms up, (I tend to waste water while brushing my teeth waiting for the hot water to come down). Of course I can't find the link anywhere... ergh. Steph, help? :)

Okay, on to Etsy! There are so many cool up-cycled things I'm finding online! (I love that word by the way -- not recycling -- upcycling)! My favorite shop so far on the green front is this one: RETTOCAMME. This awesome shop not only upcycles things like bottlecaps and wine corks, but it benefits dance performances in Brooklyn, to boot! Sweet! Check out my faves below:

The most beautiful wine cork board I've seen!

Function and fun push pins courtesy of Blue Moon...
A sweet belt and tribute to Blue Point brewing..

I've been personally saving wine corks for months now -- but I think those will turn into trivets as gifts for friends -- not to go on Etsy. However, I've also been stocking up on some pretty bottlecaps that will soon be turned into "beerings"... stay tuned for those. I'm sure they won't be at any school benefits next month... but they will be at street fairs, my web site... and maybe even a couple local shops around Portland if people are diggin' them, (which should be the case, as I already talked about how we're in love with recycling in P-town).

Anyway, here are a couple of other hot finds from Etsy on this Earth Day:

A beautiful brooch made out of reclaimed cashmere sweaters...

An awesome clutch made of recycled silk... love this one!
Putting an old typewriter key to great use...

My personal favorite... recycled saris woven into a beautiful scarf. This is one of my favorite fabrics... I used to have scarf and a purse similar to this. I had no idea this kind of thing was on Etsy so I'm STOKED. If you're into it, too, here's this seller's link: TJTDesign. And wouldn't-cha know, she's from Eugene. Nice!!
Anyway, that's it for tonight. Happy Earth Day and cheers! :)



  1. Love this post. You must work for KGW?!

    Anywho, it was so nice to meet you the other night. I've been so dang busy I have barely been online. I plan to post a blog post tomorrow night that I would love to have your input on. Check it out.


  2. Ha ha... used to work for KGW. Quit to finish grad school so I can teach high school... that's the next endeavor... hopefully a job in the fall... 'til then it's jewelry and nannying! :)