Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Etsy Shop of the Week: FancifulForm

I don't remember how I stumbled upon this Etsy shop -- front page perhaps? However I found it, I love it and thought I should share! I feel like each piece is a work of art -- and everything is so affordable for the amount of work that is in each item! I don't know how this artist does it!

I love big flower rings -- but these really stand out from the vintage-y, cheap looking flowered jewelry I've seen around Portland. These rings rock! Just $16 each!!

I also love the color and design in other items in this shop... from little leaf earrings... to sweet lily sculptures... and lovely pendants.... this is art that's sure to get some serious attention!

I haven't made a purchase from FancifulForm yet -- but this shop's definitely in my favorites section... and it will end up in my purchased section soon enough!

Like what you see? Check out Fanciful Form on Etsy!

Please support fellow Etsy artists for Mother's Day -- and don't forget about my Mother's Day sale, too: FREE SHIPPING for UWIB members... and 25% off any second item when you buy one! This sale is on through Mother's Day, May 10th... so get to shopping! :)



P.S. Here are the latest activity pictures courtesy of Erica -- the only girl who ever seems to show up on my blog. I swear I have other friends, I swear! It's just that none of them are as good about remembering to bring a camera!!
Enjoying the sun @ Julie's place...

Later that night... before hitting balls on the driving range...

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  1. Lovely picks you have here!!! Reminds me french art! Or, may be it is because of the french music you have playing here :))