Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

Ding ding! With all the warm weather happening lately, (yes, even the rain, too), I've been missing my bicycle. I stupidly didn't lock it up outside KGW last summer and within 15 minutes someone had snagged it, (damn the curse of 15th and Jeff).... so, I've been without my non-carbon-footprint-leaving wheels ever since. I almost bought a sweet road bike a few months ago, but seeing as how I'm unemployed, I decided against it. This summer will bring a bike... somehow, someway... hello Craig's List! Anyway, in the meantime, I've been scoping fabulous bikes on Etsy and thought I'd share. Here are a few of my faves!

This print, from an artist in Washington state, can be yours for just nine bucks! The artist uses a kind of photography called "through the viewfinder"... where the picture is taking through the viewfinder of one camera from another camera. Fun!

Check out this shop here: Scarlet Beautiful on Etsy

How about some threads to show your love for your two wheels? This great cotton unisex tee out of Denver is sure to please! I love the color!

Seriously? Decorate your thrown with this vinyl art... okay, it doesn't have to go on the toilet, but this is pretty funny.

Shop Heckfire on Etsy Here

Oh my gosh! CUTE wedding cards... know a friend who loves her or his bike? Then this is the perfect way to wish them well!

Check out these cards... and more at Paper Michelle's Etsy Shop

Feeling thirsty? Try opening your bottles with a piece of art! This great beer bottle opener hangs on your wall... it's functional and fun!

Head to this Northwest Shop on Etsy Here... RedBootsDesign

That last item goes perfectly well with a pair of Fat Tire beerings from Katery Designs! I'm pumpin' out more of these for upcoming street fairs, and I'm working on getting some Newcastle caps for a pal's custom request. :)
Up next I'm off to drop some earrings cards at "Here We Go Again"... then we're headed downtown to watch what could be the final Blazers playoff game of the year. Wish the team luck. GOOO Blazers! :)


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