Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shop of the Week: Paper Lady Invites

This week I'm pimpin' a fellow Portlander! Paper Lady Invites is a FUN Etsy shop run by Chelsey, a darling, blue-eyed blonde thing, recently married (like me)! As such, she gets, (as in understands), what a bride wants! Case in point -- these ADORABLE customizable paper crowns. These just scream bachelorette party/bridal shower to me... hey, why not even baby shower... I've got a couple of those coming up for girlfriends! These little pieces of art for your head are soo unique, fabulous, crafty, AFORDABLE and cheery -- I just had to feature her shop this week!

Love the poppies on this one...

Fit for a queen, I'd say!

The perfect word for a sweet crown...

The artist herself... showing off a potential new tattoo, (get it, get it!)...

Chelsey also has a fun blog that I like reading... check it out: Paper Lady Invites Blog Also, check out her Etsy shop here: Paper Lady on Etsy

Of course, Chelsey's shop isn't limited to crowns... she's got a great assortment of handmade cards that are super sweet. She does the art herself -- love that! :)

Everything in this great shop is affordable and for Portland readers -- it's LOCAL!

Girls -- keep this stuff in mind for the next shower/party you throw! I'm sure I'll be purchasing from her soon. :)

Happy Thursday!


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  1. You are so sweet! Thanks so much for featuring me! Lots of fabulous words! All true of course! :)