Thursday, August 20, 2009

NYC: Here We Come!!

Woot! That's right... Mike and I decided officially today we're headed to NYC! Neither of us has ever been there, we know we need a vacation, and so we decided to take a long weekend at the beginning of October and make it happen! We'll fly Jet Blue, (pretty decent little deals right now), and head in for a weekend of fun. Thursday through Sunday. I can't wait... and in honor of our newly planned trip... I picked up "Big Apple Red" nail polish at the grocery store earlier this evening, and painted me nails! :)

We're going to stay at The Ace Hotel, since brother-in-law extraordinaire runs The Ace here in Portland -- what better place to stay? Google tells me it's like a block away from the Empire State Building, so I'm thinkin' this is going to be pretty to central!

Speaking of central... my big thing I want to do on this trip? Take a long walk through Central Park. Really. That's it. Okay, maybe I'd like to walk around Times Square, too, and go up to the tippy-top of the Statue of Liberty, and eat a hot dog from a vendor, and go shopping at some awesome Flagship store, and hang out in the West Village, and see good, old friends, too. Yea... that all sounds pretty nice... and I'm open for more suggestions, too. See a Broadway play? Perhaps -- although, I'm not sure how into theater I am. I know, wanna-be English teacher. Doesn't like theater! I feel like our time could be spent better... eating out and shopping! Oooo... perhaps a sporting event?

Whatever we end up doing -- I'm STOKED to do it!

Now it's time for me to watch a little "Tudors" and get to bed early so I can continue to kick this damn cold!


Katery :)

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