Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh my goodness!

Uhhh... what a day! First off, let's preface that with what a night! I had a FABULOUS time with some of my bestest girlfriends. A planned night of Bhangra... and me still getting over being sick... meant we changed plans to something chill... so Kelly, Melissa, Julie, and Sarah... (and Zoey, Melissa's pug), all came over for dinner and wine at mi casa. Fun, fun, fun times ensued!

With my Sista! :)

Sarah "dog-whispering" to Zoey...

Breakin' out the Wii for the first time in months! Yay for drunken hula hooping!

See what I mean?

LOVE these girls!

And then the next morning... with a slight hangover/headache... reading Eclipse in bed, I decide to take three ibuprofen... as is routine after a night of wine...

Ugh. Okay, my lips started feeling really weird about a half hour after I took the ibuprofen... and then they started swelling, and swelling, and swelling .... in retropect, I really wish I'd taken a picture of that! Anyway, a check on Web MD and consultations with Mike and Kelly, (who crashed on our couch), led me to agree that we should go to urgent care or the ER or something. We saw something about allergies, mouth swelling, and throats swelling and cutting off air and people dying. Yea. Good call. I didn't swell too much more, but I totally would've gotten over it today and taken ibuprofen again later... and doc says it could've been much worse. Whew! Yea, and the cold I can't seem to kick.... bronchitis... so now I'm on a round of crazy antibiotics, benadryl, some other prescriptions to kick the allergy stuff, etc. What a day! Here's my lovely newest fashion accessory...After the E.R. Mike stopped by the farmer's market in our neighboorhod and we got these. Lovely! Also a couple of chocolate brownies.. yummmmm...

And after lots of nice phone calls... and laying around the house all day.... I feel much better and want to maybe watch a movie, eat a little ice cream and crash. Already called out from work for tomorrow... I just need to REST!

Love, love, love to everyone! :)


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