Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I feel like I never get to blog anymore. Oh yea, that's right -- because I DON'T! I'm so slammin' busy at work all day, it's all I can do to try to see friends and keep up on stuff I *have to do a night -- let alone random stuff I *want to do -- like blogging!

Things have been going well, though. I feel happier being back at work and being productive and on a normal schedule. I've still had mucho fun-o on the weekends... i.e. trips to Mt. Hood, hanging out with my husband, spending time with Coyla and friends, etc.

Tonight I had a fabulous happy hour with Erica and her pal Nicole, (and Mike, too), and last night... had fun with Meagan, a movie with Grandma, followed by Monday happy hour with Preston and Kelly. I guess it's not all so horrible after all. :) Anyway, just wanted to share some photos and love with what's been goin' on lately. Love to all my pals!!

Kai chillin' and Coyla texting at the beach...

My feet a la playa...

Posing by creek on Ramona Falls hike...

Cabin where we stayed with Dad and Tanya on Mt. Hood

Me punching Donald.. 'cause he deserved it ;)

Crackin' up with Meag at a BBQ a couple weeks ago...

Ramona Falls at Mt. Hood last weekend

Newly listed on Etsy tonite, BIATCH!

With Mike at the Falls on Hood

Melissa and I went to see The Wailers... FUN times. Yay for 2 girls, 2 bottles of wine!
Melissa... ASSED out after The Wailers concert at the zoo last week. She's gonna KILL me for posting that one... Mike took the picture!! Not me!

That's all for now!

Katery :)

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