Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy 2011! Here's hoping the new year is better than the last. :)

We're off to a great start...

We had a FABULOUS evening NYE... dinner at Genoa in SE Portland and the late show of Pink Martini at the Schnitz. Unfortunately, some evil woman decided to hit Mike while he was trying to take a picture during the show. He turned around as she told him that was "illegal". Mike's response? "It's not illegal, and if you touch me again, I'll have you thrown out of here".

Ugh. One picture? This guy recorded an entire freakin' song! (Awesome).

Anyway, we still had a lovely time being out with Preston, Melissa, Mara and Mitch. (Pictures to follow, as soon as Melissa uploads them). ;)

New Years Day was lazy and wonderful. Well, lazy for me -- productive for Mike. I read "The Help" all day, and he did 10 loads of laundry. Ironic, yes?

Today... a massive clog in the drain system in the condos. Gross. We're not using our kitchen sink until a plumber can come tomorrow and stop the back flow. Oh well.

Off to Spirit of 77 for a little dinner/snack and to watch The Blazers. That's a nice end to a lovely holiday weekend!


P.S. The end of 2010 was THE BEST with a quickie trip to Seattle with Kelly. Love her!

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