Monday, December 15, 2008

Well, not so much...

So, as it turns out... our trip to Carson is now postponed. It's supposed to snow 9-14" in Washoe Valley, making a trip staying in Reno, driving through Washoe daily, and getting to Carson... downright nasty. Of course, now Breanne says it's only snowed like 2".... now that we've changed our flights to come home for Dad/Mike's birthday in January. Oh well... now we have a few days to hang out together and have time off together this week!

Oh, and I wrote about how I wish I'd taken pictures of Kai in the snow... well, here's her devouring a Starbucks sandwich wrapper with lily pollen all over her ears, (there's a bouquet of lillies sitting on the table beside her). Whoops! :)

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