Monday, December 28, 2009

It's been forever!

....and I haven't blogged in months. Let's just say things have been a bit busy in the Ramey household. Between taking care of Grandma, spending quality time with Dad, working full-time at KATU, a trip to New York, *which was right around the time I last blogged, and the HOLIDAYS.... yea, it's all been a bit overwhelming. So, this is just a hello to say hi, that I'm still alive, once in a while still making jewelry, and still missing this creative outlet. I'd upload pictures, but my laptop died last night, and it's got everything uploaded to it. Ugh! Here's a few from Facebook, though...
Gettin' ready for the "Funky Fall Fiesta"
Christmas with Grandma and Erica

Karaoke with P-Town!
Zoo Lights with Mike!

Enjoying some Christmas cocoa!
Bowling with Mike :)
With Karndt!

And here are a few of my new favorites on Etsy in the meantime! Happy New Year, (soon)!

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