Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I finally managed to get some of the pictures I've taken over the past year with my cell phone camera.. onto my computer! Thought I'd share... including the final picture... of me tonight after an attempt to start going back to blonde at the hair salon! :)


View from Chimney Beach in Lake Tahoe, July 2009

At Willamette Valley Vineyards tasting deck, outside of Salem, OR... June, 2009

During a bike ride along the beach, Santa Cruz, January 2009 (can't wait to go back!)...

Tonight, September 23, 2009... after getting my hair done... check out the caramel highlights... I think I'm working my way back to being blonde!
Tonight, aside from getting my hair done, I also watched Glee on Fox. I swear, that show gives me goose bumps when people hit really good notes. That's all it takes. I think I might be hooked.

Okay, so here's the real reason I'm hooked. This freakin' girl who got the lead in the show is awesome! The goosebumps I get are mostly courtesy of her singing...

Okay, this is ridiculous... while looking at Glee videos, I found this group of guys. Really?

Okay, time to quit playing internet and go to sleep!



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