Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cell Phone Splendour

It's been a while since I last blogged, and wanted to start this Thursday out on a positive note -- by sharing some of what I've been up to lately.... as far as pictures in my cell phone go. :)

A beautiful morning glory purchased at The Portland Nursery -- now blooming like crazy on my back porch. It makes me miss The Morning Glory restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. LOVE that place!
And more flowers... these a couple of weeks ago from the farmer's market in our neighborhood... the Lloyd Farmer's Market. It's so nice to be able to walk down the street each Sunday and get loads of fresh flowers, veggies, and my favorite... berries.
And last weekend I went with a few friends for a bicycle winery tour in Yamhill County. So much fun... a couple dozen miles on a bike and several wineries hit. This... from the top of the hill at Anne Amie Vineyards, where we stopped for lunch. So much beautiful lavender up there!
And that evening... after a long bike ride, I went with Mike to re-fuel at Ned Ludd, an awesome restaurant in North Portland. This was my trout entree. I was a big freaked out by the full on fish on my plate... but covered in dill and lemon, it was DELICIOUS!
And this photo... from several weeks ago while we were enjoying a vacation with friends and family at Sunriver, Oregon. Mike and I headed out a couple of days before Julie and Donald and Alyssa and Scott joined us. We saw tons of deer in the backyard each morning... and there were some other stories as far as wild life goes, too, but those will be saved for another time... ;)
Since I'm now working in the Pearl District, hold on to your hats -- I work in the same building as Anthropologie. That has the potential to be really, really dangerous... but so far it's not. Instead, I get to scope out things I like, and then wait until they go on sale. Currently waiting for this skirt to be marked down. Started off as $200 (year right), now $98... I'm thinkin' $50 is more like it, so we'll see...
Finally, I've been subscribing to Groupon in Portland for the last few weeks, and as a result I've been scoring some great deals for activities, restaurants and services in the Portland area. To name a few... ballroom dance lessons, The Bar Method classes, food discounts for Everett Street Bistro, (right around the corner from work), and Chez Machin, a Southeast distillery tour, and a facial at a salon on Hawthorne. The first coupon I enjoyed was a fabulous dinner at the French restaurant Chez Machin on Hawthorne. This was our appetizer... baked brie. Oh. My. God. Delicious! And I wonder why I'm not losing weight, despite riding my bike to work everyday. Ugh.
So, anyway... that's what I've been up to lately... Oh, I also got my hair chopped off yesterday by Staci at Bouffant Salon. She did a great job, and I love my new haircut! :)
That's it for now!

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