Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Gratitudes

I'm trying to be good about my commitment to spend time each day, as part of my 100-day challenge, writing in a journal or blogging... typing is faster, so here I am wanting to watch Californication -- but blogging first. :)

I thought I'd wrap up the day with 3 gratitudes... three things that I'm thankful for top-of-mind as I get ready to turn in for the night. Tonight I'm very thankful for my roommates. I can't believe how smooth my transition went from living as a couple with Mike to living as a single woman -- sure, it's been pretty freaking difficult at times, but the house that I moved into and my roommates here have been such a huge blessing. When I come home, I know there's a .00005% percent of any drama at the house. My roommates have all become good friends, each bringing special qualities to my life. Gregg with his surfing, his sweet girlfriend, his commitment to volunteering, and his kind words throughout my Dad's progression with Alzheimer's. Ken with his warm hugs, his calming presence, his good beer and good food. Amanda and sometimes her sweet girlfriend, now fiance... such a testament to how great a relationship can be. They love each other so much, and are so fun to go out with. Karla who, like our house mom, does so much to keep our ship sailing and does it in such a cleanly way. She's so much fun, in whatever state of mind she may be in, and is someone I know I can always vent to or talk to about boys, life, anything. What a great group of people. So, actually, tonight -- I think that's not three gratitudes, but four. My four fabulous roommates. I don't know what I would've done without them over the past (almost) year, (geeze -- has it been that long?)! They're the best, and I feel so priviliged to get to live with them.


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