Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 Gratitudes

This may sound slightly materialistic -- but one of my 3 gratitudes today is for new clothes. I'm trying to save $$ to travel, but I can't pass up a beautiful wool, violet/royal blue pencil skirt from J.Crew... for $40! Yay. I love having an outfit that I feel fabulous in all day... I just do.

I'm also grateful for the fun yoga/pilates/aerobics studio Melissa found... had a super fun time last night trying an aerial swing pilates class!


Number three -- I'm grateful for dog walks with my roommate... even when it's shitty out. It's nice to have a dog-walking partner to cruise around the neighborhood and catch up with. Yay, Karlita!


Oooo... a fourth one... I'm so freaking grateful for Spotify. Every day. All day. Love it.