Thursday, October 23, 2008

Etsy Store

So, I haven't quite figured out how to place my store as a permanent feature on the blog, but I guess I'll get there someday. Nor, as I mentioned yesterday, have I figured out how to upload that slideshow I posted yesterday as a permanent fixture. It helps that I've got computer genius students available at school to me everyday. With the help of my sophomore aid, Ben, I got my etsy treasury set up: (check it out!!). Seriously, he was bored so I had him sit in front of the computer and yell at me in the other classroom when the treasury listings got to 335. Score!

Ben, our newspaper editor-in-chief, Brian, and another student, Kyle, have also all helped with uploading a Snoop Dawg video from the internet to my computer, editing it, and then inserting it in a PowerPoint presentation. I know. I pretty much rock. I'm working on that Romeo and Juliet unit, and in the first lesson we're going to talk about how language evolves. I'm learning new things while creating lessons, too. For example, did you know Shakespeare created 1,500 words? I didn't! Among them are "eyeball" and "alligator", (spelled Allegator at the time). Random. So, anyway, we talk about words Shakespeare invented, and how our language has changed since then. Like, how rappers can add language to the culture, (I figure students learn better when they can personally relate to the information we're talking about). So... hence a clip of Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot" ended up in my lecture for the day. I've got the "So don't change the chizzle, turn it up a little, I've got a living room full of fine-dine drizzles" etc. line embedded for students. I think the booty shaking in that part of the video, while it's there, is minimal and acceptable. Also, while I was in the process of getting this all taken care of, Brian, (newspaper kid), informed me my statement, "I need this Snoop Dawg video for a Shakespeare lecture so I can demonstrate how language evolves", is, quote, "The whitest thing I've ever heard anyone say."

You know what? It's true... but I do own the CD. So there!

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