Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Katery Designs... adventure in blogging!

I'm a writer. I'm a teacher. I'm a journaler. I'm a creator. Why can't I be a blogger? I've tried this whole blog thing before but not quite successfully enough to make a dent in the blosophere. Well, now's a beautiful time to try again... and this time at least create a scratch! :)

I've got designs to promote, ideas to churn, rants to rave, and friends to update. Perfect! It'll all happen right here. Screw MySpace and Facebook. The too personal pages and too impersonal updates just aren't doing it for me anymore. Plus, I'm sick of being "friends" with people I don't actually want to be friends with.

See? Ranting already!

Okay, forget the ranting for now... and check out my web site! I've got an etsy shop to push and some spare cash to make! The added income is nice, but the creativity gives anxiety an outlet. That's what it's all about. Now, if only I were a bit more organized, I could actually keep track of my spending/income and see if I'm making money. For now, I'm having fun designing jewelry for friends, myself, family... and adding stores around Portland to the Katery Designs mix.
Here's my favorite pair of earrings. They began last summer during an afternoon of me wishing I knew how to garden and grow tomatoes. I figured I'd make "tomatoes on the vine" earrings. Well, once they were created they looked more like apples to me, hence the "red delicious" earrings I've come to love. Still, half the people who see them think they actually look more like cherries. Call them what you want. They're my favorite item so far! :)

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  1. Hello Ms. Ramey! You have inspired me...I have been thinking that Facebook and Myspace are not a true reflection of myself...but what else is there? Maybe I should start blogging and put my scratch out there too!?