Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A New Twist on Shakespeare

So, for Freshman English right now I'm working on a Romeo and Juliet unit. At the same time I'm beefing up my web site, so guess what? You got it... Shakespeare is slowly infiltrating my jewelry collection!

I find it odd that I never really appreciated Shakespeare when I lived a mile away from one of the most fabulous Shakespeare festivals in the country. Doing research and really examining the literature is motivating me to understand just how beautiful Shakespeare's writing really is. In fact, once I'm licensed to teach, I think I'll take a graduate course on Shakespeare, to further motivate and educate my teaching and my jewelry.

My favorite piece with this new Shakespearian twist is this sweet little pair of sparrow earrings, "Parting Is Such Sweet Sparrow Earrings":

They're sweet, sparkly, and pretty, and I love! Check out the student reader copy of the play doubling as my artsy background. Who knew there'd be such a connection between student teaching and my side project?

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