Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend In Wine Country

We really wanted to take a trip out of town for Memorial Day weekend, but we also wanted to save money by not staying in a hotel... so we opted for a couple of day adventures! On Friday Melissa and I went shopping, dining, and wine tasting in Hood River. So much fun!!

At the Naked Winery tasting room...
And before that we hit Cathedral Ridge... beautiful!
And on Monday... what better way to finish out the weekend than by hitting more wineries? This time Mike and I headed west and went to four wineries in 5 hours. Phew!

First stop... Cooper Mountain... where we picked up a case of Pinot Grigio. A tax write-off for potential clients! :)
Next stop of the day... Aridir Winery... a new spot we discovered. Yummmm....
Onward to Elk Cove winery where I wanted to get some of their awesome Rose. I'm not usually a fan of Rose, but I had a glass at The Farm on East Burnside the night before with Grandma, and it's DELISH!

Mmm... Love that Rose!
And last stop of the day was Plum Hill, great wines and a yummy collaboration with nearby Thistle Winery. A great family barbecue we got invited to at the end of the long holiday weekend!
And Kai got to play with their dog ghost, and even hop in the water feature on the property. What a silly dog!
That was it! SOOO much fun! Thanks to Mike and Melissa for drinking and having a fabulous time with me. :)


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