Friday, October 1, 2010

I swear...

...I do more than just create Treasuries on Etsy. In fact, I do a lot more than that!

This week has been my busiest post-bicycle crash week yet. I went back to work, albeit part-time at first. 20 hours of calling and working with potential students as an admissions counselor for The Art Institute of Portland. It was really nice to be getting back to normal... and being around all my friends at work was wonderful! Now that I've switched to crutches, I look forward to ditching those, too, and walking on my own. The healing process is a slow one... but I'm moving forward and have 100% recovery to look forward to!

So, aside from working, catching up with friends for happy hour, and spending quality time with my hubby and Kai, yes, I've been excessively creating treasuries on Etsy, browsing through favorite shops, dreaming of the day I'll be able to buy a kick ass pair of boots again, and playing Scrabble online with my sister.

Today in the mail I received this fabulous ring set that I ordered on Etsy last week.
Sweet! Best friends... peanut butter and jelly!

So, it inspired this treasury...
I gotta say... this one makes me crave a PB&J sandwich like nothin' else!

This treasury makes me think of all the fabulous homemade jelly and jam I've got in the fridge right now. Thanks Carl, Kelly, and Catherine for all the sweet goodness!

Anyway, it's just about bedtime for me. Off to visit Dad tomorrow, then a housewarming party for Steve and Julie... and afternoon girl time with Coyla, Sarah, Mara and Melissa on Sunday.


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