Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a hello!

Nothing to pimp, promote, treasurize, or favorite this evening. Just a quick hi from Katery-land!

Things are going much better in life these days... the post bicycle crash recovery is coming right along. I've switched to A crutch, not 2, at work this week, so that's been good. I've got an ortho surgeon appointment next week, and hope to go to work full-time after that -- so starting next Thursday! I'm sleeping much better at night and am getting around with less pain all the time.

I'm looking forward to fun things in coming weeks... a karaoke party, yummy dinners trying new restaurants around town, being a flapper for Halloween, etc., etc., etc. In November Mike and I will also be headed down to Reno for Bre-child and Dave's wedding. Fun-ness!

Tonight Mike and I had a lovely dinner at home, (yummy pork chops, potatoes au gratin, and arugula salad)... then headed out to the mall for a couple errands and over to what's sure to be a new East side favorite... Spirit of 77. Great bar. Good times. Go Blazers! Can't wait for basketball season to officially get underway. Woo hoo!!

And from my phone... Kai got a new bed... as we work to get the condo back to normal, no more hospital bed in the living room... we've been rearranging like crazy...
And just to prove I'm getting back to a somewhat normal routine...
a good hair day, snapped on my way to work last week! Thank God. ;)
That's it for tonight... bed time!



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