Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flickr-ful: Pinup Girls

I'm discovering what a wealth of awesome photography there is on Flickr, and I've decided to become a Flickr curator from time-to-time on my blog.

Aside from being a wannabe curator, I'm also a wannabe pinup girl. It's so hot! Not trashy, classy pinups. You know, Bettie Page style. She inspired the chopped bang job I pulled a couple of months before Mike and I got married. She inspires the fishnets I bust out on a semi-regular basis. She inspired this blog. Clearly. :)

That last one is my favorite. In fact, I have a bathing suit just like it, you know, with less skirt. If only I had lived in the retro days of pinup girls... I could wear my bleach blonde hair in pin-curls, rock red lipstick on a regular basis, and wear flowers in my hair every day. If only.... As of now, all of the above happens just once in a while. :)

Cheers to a rainy Wednesday night! I'm going to tear myself away from the computer, (where I spent six hours yesterday), in order to make jewelry, clean, and have a glass of wine while I'm at it!

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