Friday, November 21, 2008


You get the picture... It's been a BUSY week! Papers to grade, papers to write, PowerPoints to watch, lesson plans to create, jewelry to promote, bridal showers, concerts, (Carrie Underwood; hate country, but love her), dinners, etc. All a part of this busy week before Thanksgiving. Let's hope next week is a breeze! I'll fly home next Wednesday morning to spend the Holiday (sans husband) at my parents' house. Okay, at my Dad's house. That seems weird to say. I'll just call it home instead. :)

I've been really emo this week about the passing of my mom over the summer. I think it's a combination of how busy I am, (leaving little time to reflect on grief), the dreary weather, (although it's sunny this morning), the onslaught of the Holidays, (this is a year of firsts without Mom), or if I'm just drained and overwhelmed from the combination of it all. I'm still fairly happy, productive, excited about life, etc. But at the same time there's this small little nagging feeling in the back of my mind, no, the back of my heart, that just wants to be sad. At least ignoring this feeling isn't turning into anxiety. Instead, it's turning into making me want to cry over just about anything. Like watching Grey's Anatomy last night and the little girl who wasn't sleeping so she could take care of her dad. I look over at my husband with tears in my eyes. It's ridiculous. I also talked about this with a friend at dinner the other night. It's like a GD sappy commercial can have us both in tears. Anyway... sigh, breathe, move on... I'll give myself time to cry later this weekend and will feel much better.

So for now I'll use art as a coping mechanism. I absolutely LOVE the colors orange and turquoise, (our entire bedroom is plastered in this pairing), and I've recently found a lot of beee-you-tee-full Koi items on Etsy, all kinds of oranges, blues, teals, tangerines... mixed together with a bit of Asian influence. Another love of mine. Hopefully these items will end up on a treasury in the near future. For now, here they are. :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a good weekend.

Oh, and DUH, the story Steph did about me and my jewelry collection airs tonight at 5pm on KGW, Channel 8 in Portland. Check it out if you can. For local friends -- I'm so DVRing! :) Yay! I'm hoping for a boost in sales as a result... we'll see. :)


  1. OMG! I loved that part with McSteamy too! I never even thought he was cute until he had the little girl put her head on his shoulde but that just melted me with a big "AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW". Love the stuff you picked...very pretty. I got Shannon a Koi poster from World Market once to decorate her desk. You have superb taste! I can't wait to see you in 5 days!! :o)

  2. Thinking of you...wanted to say hi! :)

  3. Thanks for being so there for me when I was having my little breakdown last week... I was thinking of that and wondering how you were handling your mom's passing during the Holidays... crying always helps... a ton!!