Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Crazy Weekend!

Birthday fabulousness! What a fun weekend! Friday night -- Erica's birthday and Saturday night -- Melissa's birthday! Two of my best friends, and a ton of fun and celebrating. :)

First... Friday night...

The birthday girl at dinner... 80s night here we come!

Could there be any more hot pink and jean jacket-ness in this picture?

The place was pah-Acked , as Erica would say...

And Saturday night... an evening out for Melissa's birthday!~

Mike and I... heart..
Hot mamas! P.S. How weird does that shirt look on me in this picture?
Like, hello, you can almost see my boob?
And on Saturday, I totally pulled a "Cher" in Clueless. I just couldn't decide which dress I liked better... green or blue? What do you think? I need feedback here, people! I mean it... I need comments. I love comments. Comment! :)

In the end, I went with neither of them. Since I spent SOO much money for all the birthday festivities, I decided to be good. But that doesn't mean I can't go back later, right? ;)

Also, being good, but wanting to see if I need these, behold the Ray-Bans. Are these too hipster for me or just cute? I was quite surprised by how much I liked them!

Of course, they do remind me of this guy...

And at the risk of sounding old, what must his mother be thinking? Also, which part of his face hurt the worst? And just how much did RayBan pay him to do that to himself? I read online it was a promotional stunt. Crazy.

Anyway, I leave you with this, what is perhaps my favorite 80s song, inspired by a FABulous night at the Crystal Ballroom. So much fun! (Huh-hem, speaking of Ray Bans, this video is freakin' awesome)!


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