Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A lovely evening...

What a fabulous week this is turning out to be!

On Monday I got to go see a show at The Roseland with two of my favorite people, P-town and Melissa. So much fun and such a great performance from Metric. Awesome!

Again, they were amazing.... check it out:

Then Tuesday, (aka Erica's birthday!!!), Mike and I went over for the first outdoor evening of the year at Julie and Donald's. Can't call this one a BBQ because we went inside for dinner after hanging out in the yard for a while. Fabulous evening!

Kai in the hammock...

And playing DJ with Donald's phone... remote access to iTunes. I was DJ "A.D.D." according to Julie... :) Also, note the sweet Gin Basil Smash Donald made for me. Yummmm... and so pretty!

And Donald's ice ball... along with what was left after we devoured pecan pie...

And after a few of those drinks... my ride home. Chrissy on Donald... and me on Mike. Nice.

Now back at home for a lovely evening of "me" time. These tulips are getting prettier every day. I scored them free at work yesterday. Another lovely thing about this week... free flowers!

Earlier this evening I went over to Freddy's to get groceries... and decided to try this. Dear Lord. Boxed wine. I know... it's just that I've been dumping out too much wine when I don't finish the bottle... and I'm sick of it. I just want a glass... not many glasses... sometimes. So, hence the black box Merlot. Not too bad... and it's four bottles that won't go bad for weeks!
Finally, painting my nails this lovely new shade of pink, another find at the store. I've gotta say... I will only paint my nails with OPI these days. It goes on so much better, looks so much better, and stays so much better. Don't buy the cheap crap ladies... only OPI, and you won't regret it. That's my rant for the evening... I'm going to finish Sense and Sensibility now. <3>



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