Monday, September 6, 2010

... A Few of My Favorite Things ...

Wanted to share... going back through Etsy faves and finding some of my most beloved listings... LOVE.

A handful featured here, as well...

My favorite local photographer, Bill, from House of Six Cats. I love his work so much, and here he captured my favorite bridge, the Saint John's Bridge, in North Portland beautifully.
Another local favorite in Portland are these floating paper poms from Pom Love. So many beautiful colors to choose from, and so many possibilities for decor. If I could open a shop or have a beautiful office or space all to myself, I'm sure these would be floating down from the ceiling.
And from floating flowers in the air.. to lovely floral accents for your feet! These shoe clips are so delicate... I wish I would have discovered them in time for my wedding. Alas, they can certainly dress up any pair of my heels for others' joyful celebrations, right? Find more lovely creations from B.Poetic.
I've been loving this local artist's work for a while now... pinups from Brenda Dunn have been spotted in some of my favorite local boutiques, and I can't wait to have one hanging up in our condo. This one seems to fit the bill... titled "Kate" and in my favorite color!
Finally, another local artist whose work I've admired in local stores and galleries -- paintings by Nancy Kremiller. I love how she uses sheet music in her multi-media artwork; two of my loves -- birds and music; makes such an ethereal combination!
That's all for this Labor Day. Back to not laboring... but resting, resting, resting for more bike crash recovery time.


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