Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pinup Perfection!

As I continue to be in bed constantly (ugh) recovering from my nasty August 1st bike crash (double-ugh)... I'm thanking GOD for the internet and the ability to find ways to keep myself entertained. One of those entertaining things I've been doing is creating treasuries on Etsy... this latest one inspired by pinup girls...

It was so fun to find so many awesome Etsy listings featuring pinup girls... like these fabulous clothes created by Zombie Kitten O.

I also just purchased the image below in the form of a counted-cross stitch pattern from Bella Stitchery. My mom always used to do counted-cross stitch, as did my Grandma... and I busted out a stitch or two in my youth... so this pattern could be the perfect resting and recuperating project for me to do... Love it!
So, where has all this pinup inspiration come from, you ask? Another way I've been passing the time is by watching LA Ink on NetFlix for the Wii. I've watched a couple dozen episodes of people getting tattooed by Kat Von D and her crew... including Hannah Aitchison... who is quite the pinup artist... and who is also quite the pinup herself!

Check out some of my faves below...

So, a pinup tattoo may be in order for me someday, as after watching so much tattooing, I've been itching to get more ink myself. Oh yea... guess we'll have to work on paying off those medical bills first. But a girl can dream, right?

Until next time...


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