Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun in Oregon Wine Country!

Mike and I decided to take a little day-adventure Tuesday and head over to the Newberg/Dundee area to our favorite winery, Erath! We also picked up a new camera on our way, (early birthday present, I suppose), since both our cameras have been increasingly on the fritz lately. I was thinking, my old camera was a high school graduation present! So, no more double-A batteries for us to charge up the new camera. Woo hoo! Instead, we get to plug it into an AC adapter like the rest of the technologically-savvy world. Anyway, here are a few shots from our trip!
Kai-s in the mirror are closer than they appear...

Mike in the Erath tasting room

Mike and I together... wow, we didn't take it ourselves for once!

The view from the tasting room patio

Relaxation station!
One last shot in the parking lot... :)

And while uploading these pictures, I found a couple others I hadn't uploaded previously from Memorial Day Weekend!

A rooftop BBQ @ Kerry's old place before the Beaver's Game...

Nice views from the rooftop!
At Ade's family baby shower in Portland. Mabel -- 18 months to the day!
Couldn't resist the charm of these poppies during a walk with Melissa around N. Mississippi!
Today I'm packing for a trip to Nevada! Grandma, Kai and I will leave tomorrow morning to drive down Medford/Ashland to stay with my Uncle there, before driving down to Carson on Friday to spend a few days with family and friends in Nevada. On Saturday Kai and I are headed to Tahoe for a friend's family annual BBQ @ Camp Richardson. I'm so excited for that! Sunday will be a great Father's Day celebration with Dad and the girls, and we'll be in Carson 'til Wednesday morning, before heading back to Ashland to catch Much Ado About Nothing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on our way home. Many pictures to ensue, I'm sure. Have a lovely week! :)


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